About Us

Championship Wrestling from Hollywood is a David Marquez Production and is seen on KDOC-TV Los Angeles. The weekly hour-long program airs on Sunday mornings at 2AM on virtual channel 56.1 and on all cable and satellite providers*. The program is also available in high definition where available. The company also supports the Santino Brothers Academy in Bell Gardens, CA. At this camp, new hopefuls learn the trade from industry veterans and insiders. Graduates of their courses could one day appear on our programming Since our program has time restrictions, we’re not always able to recognize the hard work of our television production crew. Here are the names of the people responsible for producing Championship Wrestling from Hollywood:

Directors: David Marquez; Jeremy Schott
Producers: David Marquez
Wrestling Operations: Joseph Franciosi, Joe Munoz, Angelo Trinidad
Live Event Promoters:
Jon Ian 
Production Supervisor:
Michael Coughlin
Talent Relations: Andy Schmitz
Associate Producers: Jeff Dino; Jon Ian; Joshua Waldrop
Production Manager: Cutler Freeman
Line Producer: Michael Coughlin, Rod Dovlin
Gaffer: Steven Burhoe
Camera: Roger Timm; Greg Young
Post Production: Aaron Notestine; KDOC-TV Los Angeles
Ringside Phototgrapher: Andy Durazo, Richard P. Strickland
Backstage Phototgrapher: Adrian Sanchez
Webmaster: Shane M. Kidder
Public Relations: Marc Kruskol; MJK Public Relations
Vice President - Business Affairs Herb Kraft

* Channel number varies from city to city. Please check your local listings NWA Pro Wrestling is represented by MAC Productions/Las Vegas, NV