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Championship Wrestling From Hollywood proudly announces the opening of its training facility, "Championship Wrestling 101". Building upon a foundation of tradition, respect, and experience, "Championship Wrestling 101" offers a well-rounded education in all aspects of the art of professional wrestling from people who have lived the dream you aspire to, and will show you how to achieve those goals.
"Championship Wrestling 101" will offer pro wrestling hopefuls an opportunity to learn the business of professional wrestling and ply their craft inside the ring. Classes will be run by top-level instructors with experience at World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Ring of Honor (ROH), and internationally in Japan, Europe, and beyond.
Training will include:
  • Emphasis on the fundamentals
  • Drills
  • Conditioning
  • Ring psychology
  • Development of timing and positioning
  • Continuous evaluation
  • Advice on character development
  • Assistance with promos
  • Etiquette in AND out of the ring


"Championship Wrestling 101" strives to offer the most well rounded education in the business and the craft of pro wrestling available anywhere, with periodic guest instructors, all with experience and success in the industry. Advanced students may receive opportunities to wrestle on student-only shows to garner experience in front of a live crowd. The ultimate goal would be graduating advanced students to "full time" work on the idependent level, on our Championship Wrestling from Hollywood television program, and beyond.

Saturday: 9am

$150 enrollment fee, which includes your first class.
Classes thereafter are $25 per class.