Reflection of a Champion

He has always been known as the “Mirror Image” in his tenure with Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, but now he can be known as “Champion.” That is the description of Ricky Mandel who captured the coveted Heritage Championship when he defeated Scorpio Sky at the Oceanview Pavilion on January 12, 2014. 

The 2013 Percy Pringle III Memorial Cup winner did not waste anytime cashing in his guaranteed championship contract after Sky was laid out by the Vermin and left motionless in the ring. People may question the integrity of Mandel to pin a near lifeless man in the middle of the ring but it is the opportunity he earned when he won the Cup back in December. Mandel and his girlfriend Shelly Martinez posed in the middle of the ring as he raised his newly won title belt in the air. It was a moment that will be stuck in the minds of everyone who witnessed it live because the moment is the beginning of the Mandel era in Championship Wrestling from Hollywood.

Mandel spent most of 2013 feuding with longtime rival Todd Chandler. The constant battles with Chandler made Mandel more ruthless in the ring and began to show more signs of his untapped potential. The feud added a new weapon to Mandel’s arsenal in the form of Martinez. Having Martinez in his corner gave Mandel new life and made him a more dangerous competitor. Mandel continued to turn heads during the “Open Door Challenge” event in November when he defeated Mikey O’Shea and Big Duke in a three way dance.

Those who observed the PP3 Memorial Cup believe Mandel cheated his way to victory. If you ask Mandel if he cheated he would say he outsmarted the other men in the match. Mandel became victorious in the PP3 battle royal after he escaped the ring through the bottom rope and hid while the Vermin interfered and battle the other remaining participants. When it looked like James Morgan had won the battle royal, Mandel returned to the ring and tossed Morgan over the top rope for the victory.

Since then Mandel now sits atop the roster of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood as Heritage Champion. It will be only a matter of time before he takes on the likes of Morgan, Mikey O’Shea, Willie Mack, and Joey Ryan. Those men certainly have a great chance of becoming Heritage Champion but in any singles match the advantage goes to Mandel. Mandel now holds proof that he can back up his talk and it could be time the stars of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood admit it. If Mandel keeps up this hot streak it could become a possibility the officials from the United Wrestling Network take notice of his work. It could be a matter of time before “Mirror Image” shows the reflection of the UWN World’s Heavyweight Championship.

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