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NWA Hollywood Collectable Card Game Has Arrived!

NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood has partnering with Filsinger Games to release a special 12 card version of its collectible card game featuring the stars of NWA Hollywood!  The game cards, featuring awesome color artwork of some of your favorite stars, allow you to run your very own NWA Hollywood federation!  YOU make the matches!  YOU decide the title shots!  The only limits are the limits of your imagination!  The game is also compatible with other Filsinger Games Legends of Wrestling editions meaning you can pit NWA Hollywood stars against legends like Rob Van Dam, The Iron Sheik, Andre The GIant and more!

The first edition of the NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood game features this amazing roster:

1. "Scrap Iron" Adam Pearce
2. The Tribe's Hawaiian Lion
3. The Tribe's Navajo Warrior
4. "Hollywood's Own" Joey Ryan
5. Nick Madrid
6. The Hobo
7. Scorpio Sky
8. Johnny Yuma
9. Willie Mack
10. Los Banditos' Rico Dynamite
11. Los Banditos' Tito Escondido
12. Cedric The Hitman

In addition to the 12 card set there is a David Marquez card that is available EXCLUSIVELY in the NWA Hollywood store at:

Pick up your copy of this historic first edition of the NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood card game from Filsinger Games!  And if you thought this first edition was amazing, stay tuned for...Act II!

Once your place your order the card will be mailed out to you via US Mail.  Via email you'll receive a handbook with bios and info on each of the wrestlers as well as all the rules and charts that allow you to play the game.  All you need to supply is two six sided dice and you're all set!


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