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For years, we’ve seen Mikey O’Shea dismantle everything that has come his way. O’Shea’s devastation since the company’s inception has left a path of broken bodies and wrecked dreams in his wake. Unfortunately, his wrath did not go unnoticed on the 100th episode celebration of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. His fiery temper manifested itself during a vicious attack, taking out several referees and officials. At the beginning of last week’s show, O’Shea was forced to apologize by CWFH matchmaker Jon Ian.

“Mikey, your actions were inexcusable and you should feel lucky that you’re here today. Your actions were inexcusable, but I gotta say: you are one of the biggest and brightest stars in Championship Wrestling and you’ve got a tremendous future. You’re talented, and I think the sky is the limit. But in order to go that next level, you’re going to have to stop following in the footsteps of guys like Johnny Goodtime and Joey Ryan. Be a man, make your own decisions. Act your age.” – Jon Ian, CWFH matchmaker.

The very end of that quote gave a glimpse into what might be a new O’Shea. Still the wrecking machine he’s always been, he might be narrowing his focus and perhaps setting his sights on championship glory. Ian told me he sees big things on the horizon for O’Shea; it’s just a matter of putting all the tools together and leaving his wayward behavior in the past.
Enter a man with no remorse and little scruples of his own, Shaun Ricker. Alongside a returning Percy Pringle III and fresh off a Casket Match victory over Brian Cage, Ricker’s confidence has never been higher. With a soaring ego and an unmatched bravado, the Gravy Daddy laid claim to being the face of CWF Hollywood and demanded Ian give him championship-caliber competition. 

Ian brought out the 325-pound destroyer to confront the conductor of the Gravy Train. The match was set: Ricker vs. O’Shea in the latter’s first main event splash. The brawl had it all: the finesse of Ricker, the physicality of O’Shea and even the interference of Pringle III. However, the match was decided when Ian ran out to stop a determined Ricker eager to use a steel chair. While Ricker was on the outside arguing with Ian, O’Shea managed to climb into the ring and notch the countout victory.

Sources tell me Ian was all smiles the next day, satisfied with his main nemesis falling to the blossoming O’Shea this past week. Conversely, Ricker and Pringle III were fuming, and promised to make life even more difficult for these two soon, in one way or another.

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