Vermin Attack!

“A new era has begun!” Those were the words Tito Escondido shouted in the direction of Dave Marquez on the night it all started. The infestation of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood has begun to spread quickly thanks to the newest faction to enter the squared circle. These men refer to themselves as the Vermin and just like pest they look to be difficult to get rid of. The Vermin are made up of Johnny Yuma, Johnny Goodtime, Ryan Taylor, Escondido, and Nick Madrid. Each member of the Vermin feel they have been treated unfairly during their time in Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. As the RockNES Monsters, Yuma and Goodtime were let go by matchmaker Danielle after she believed the Monsters did not care to compete for the Heritage Tag Team Championships. Taylor was terminated after he was defeated by Mikey O’Shea in a number one contender’s match for the Heritage Championship. Escondido quit the company after having his frustrations with his career path. Perhaps the most shocking member of the group is Madrid. Madrid who has always been admired by the fans turned his back on everyone when he assisted the other members of the Vermin with their attack on O’Shea, Peter Avalon, Ray Rosas, and the Hobo.


It was on that unforgettable night at the Oceanview Pavilion when Yuma, Taylor, and Escondido defeated O’Shea and PPRay in a no disqualification match after Goodtime interfered in his first appearance since getting fired. The events escalated soon after when Madrid and Hobo ran in to stop the four on three attack. As it was likely planned, Madrid attacked the Hobo and the five man faction was officially born.

The hell raising continued on the night of the Percy Pringle III Memorial Cup. Despite getting eliminated from the PP3 battle royal, Yuma, Goodtime, Escondido, and Madrid all came back in the ring to attack the remaining participants of the match in order to aide Taylor. Although the plan backfired to assist Taylor, the interference could have very well changed the outcome of the match and Willie Mack or James Morgan could have been holding the Cup.

The Vermin made a statement at the PP3 Memorial Cup but that is almost overshadowed by the events that happened the night of January 12, 2014. The Vermin decided to start out the year with an impact and that is exactly what they did. On that night they attacked the now former Heritage Champion Scorpio Sky in the middle of the ring. The beat down was so vicious that it could be months until Sky is able to compete in the ring. This attack allowed Ricky Mandel to cash in his PP3 Cup title shot and pinned Sky for the Heritage Championship.

It is unknown what the exact motivation is by the Vermin but every wrestler and officials in Championship Wrestling from Hollywood need to keep their eyes open and watch their backs. Pest are known to grow and it is possible the Vermin may grow larger. Whether they obtain more members or not one thing that is certain is the problems the Vermin are causing look to grow more as 2014 rolls on.