COASTLINE CLASH ’16: Avalon v Darevko for the Hollywood Heritage Championship

Hollywood Heritage Championship Match
“Pretty” Peter Avalon (c) vs. Sasha Darevko (special guest ref Scorpio Sky)

Sasha Darevko wanted the champion’s attention, so he snuck up from behind and bludgeoned him with a chain. Then the Russian wanted Peter Avalon’s belt, so he snuck off, stole it and ran off.

When Darevko and the belt resurfaced, both were under the protection of an imposing bodyguard, whose name we’ve never learned. But Darevko and his stone-faced associate have proven to be too much for Avalon at seemingly every turn. And they’re still in possession of the Hollywood Heritage Championship – despite never having won it!

Darevko and his un-named associate have each taken turns guarding their ill-gotten gold.
Darevko and his un-named associate have each taken turns guarding their ill-gotten gold.

Now, Avalon is faced with the grim conclusion that he’s stepping into the ring against an opponent he hasn’t been able to defeat in weeks. If he can’t win, PPA won’t have to worry about that belt anymore – it won’t be his anyway.

Darevko’s underhanded tactics have involved bullying to such a severe degree that senior CWFH official Nick Bonnano has refused to sanction an official for their encounter. Thankfully, one won’t be needed as Nicolas Marquez has brought former champion Scorpio Sky back to Hollywood to serve as Special Guest Referee!

Will Sky be impartial? Can PPA reclaim what is rightfully his? Or will the gold and the glory follow Darevko back to Moscow?

For more on this feud, see this article from!

Watch below: Avalon attempts to reclaim his title belt, but runs afoul of Darevko and his associate.

Sasha Darevko once again left with "Pretty" Peter Avalon's Hollywood Heritage Title at the conclusion of last week's episode of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood!If you missed it, catch up online at!

Posted by Championship Wrestling from Hollywood on Monday, March 21, 2016

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COASTLINE CLASH ’16: Television Champ, James Morgan Issues An Open Challenge

Television Championship Match
“Main Event” James Morgan (c) issues an OPEN Challenge

It had been a great few months for James Morgan. His victory in the Summer Classic brought him pride – for winning the tournament. It brought him fortune – in the form of a $10,000 check. And it brought him gold – in the form of the Television Championship.

James “Main Event” Morgan will be all alone – with no idea who is walking through that curtain.

Morgan quickly established himself as a fighting champion and, for months, he’s been besting all comers and retaining his gold. But, a few weeks ago, Morgan’s winning streak seemingly came to an end when he lost something very important – his manager and ally, Stu Stone. Stone was brutally assaulted by The Cirque du Monsters (Bateman and Jarek 1:20). His injuries are reportedly serious enough that he is never expected to return to CWFH – literally bludgeoned into an early retirement.

Undaunted, Morgan announced just days before Coastline Clash that he would walk into Port Hueneme and face any comer – issuing an open challenge. With his manger no longer by his side, and the advantage of preparation forfeited, is Morgan lowering his guard too far?

Previous Open Door challengers in CWFH have included Samoa Joe, Bryan Myers, X-Pac & AJ Styles. Be there live to see who answers the challenge!

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COASTLINE CLASH ’16: Tag Team Champions Cold Cold World vs. The Friendship Express

Tag Team Championship Match
Cold Cold World (c) vs. The Friendship Express

Week after week poor Jervis Cottonbelly searched for a partner who he could trust. And week after week poor Jervis Cottonbelly was left abandoned, outnumbered and frightfully incapable of clinching a tag team victory.

Jervis’ Tag Team partner search was, for weeks, a fruitless endeavor…

But then Hobo rode the rails back into CWFH and became Jervis’ partner on the newly-christened “Friendship Express”! Since that day the Boxcar Superstar and the purveyor of “Gentlemania” have collected impressive victories over Vermin and The Classic Connection which have moved them into the Number One Contenders spot.

..until Hobo returned to CWFH to form “The Friendship Express” with Jervis…

But that train puts them on a collision course with the Ice Age of the seemingly-unstoppable Cold Cold World and their manager, Caesar. Jervis and Hobo are definitely friends, but are they a strong enough team to overcome Will Rood & Damien Grundy? Or will The Friendship Express be just another team that can’t survive 30 Below? Find out at Coastline Clash!

Now they must face the champions, Cold Cold World.

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COASTLINE CLASH ’16: Team CWFH vs. Team Vermin (5-on-5)

Team CWFH (JR Kratos, RENO Scum and Timothy Thatcher & Drew Gulak)
Team Vermin (Johnny Yuma, Bad Dude Tito, Ryan Taylor, Kevin Martenson and Joey Ryan)

“Vermin Running Rampant and Causing Trouble in CWFH” is not really the earth-shattering headline it may have been two years ago, but that only underscores how long the faction has stood strong.

The aptly-named faction continues to infest CWFH despite the best efforts of both the Marquez family and their loyal roster. When their leader Johnny Yuma was knocked out with injury, a newly-intensified Bad Dude Tito immediately returned to their ranks to lead a vicious battle against CWFH and immediately drawing the attention of JR Kratos.

JR Kratos has been on a Vermin hunt, specifically targeting Bad Dude Tito

Tito used typical Vermin strength-in-numbers tactics to torment the War Machine for weeks before finally agreeing to step into the ring with Kratos. A thrilling main event between the two was interrupted by the shocking return of Johnny Yuma, who immediately attacked Kratos with a lead pipe.

Yuma, Vermin’s leader, has returned. Will his resurgence lead Vermin to rise…or scatter?

So shocking was Yuma’s return, that it seemed to catch Tito, himself, off guard – as the Bad Dude seemed to feel he had the War Machine beaten on his own. Yuma insists, though, that Vermin is stronger than ever. It’s hard to argue with him when you consider that Yuma, Tito, Ryan Tayor, Kevin Martenson and Joey Ryan will all be in action for Team Vermin.


But the argument across the ring is equally as strong. JR Kratos takes up the mantle of Team Captain for Team CWFH and he’s drafted RENO SCUM and the newly-returned team of Timothy Thatcher & Drew Gulak to his team. The battles between Tito/Kratos and Vermin/CWFH (and possibly even Tito/Yuma) all spill into an all-out war at Coastline Clash!


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COASTLINE CLASH ’16: Big Duke vs. Eli Drake; 2-Out-of-3 Falls

Two-Out-of-Three Falls Match
Eli Drake vs. Big Duke

What happens when two equally  big, angry, proud and tough wrestlers can’t seem to gain a decided advantage over one another? You put them in a match as big as their feud.

For months, dating back to the Percy Pringle III Memorial Cup, Big Duke and Eli Drake have been trading blink-and-you-missed-it pinfall victories with one another. Just when it seems like Drake has dispelled Big Duke, Duke comes roaring back. And just when it seems like Duke has finally claimed the decisive advantage, he finds himself on his back reading from the Book of Eli. No match seemed to decide a victor in this rivalry.

Will Big Duke have enough to close “The Book of Eli?”

When matches can’t decide a winner, a series is necessary. After weeks of standing on a dime and trading victories, at Coastline Clash one man will walk away the decisive and unchallenged winner.


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COASTLINE CLASH ’16: Eric Watts in action! Women’s wrestling returns to CWFH! And more!

Even more action! Women’s Wrestling Returns to CWFH! Erik Watts will be in action as well!

In addition to every championship being defended…

In addition to the huge clash between CWFH’s roster and Vermin…

And in addition to a gigantic two-out-of-three-falls match between two giants…

There’s more!

  • CWFH is proud to feature women wrestlers in active competition for the first time in years. Will this be the start of a Women’s Division? Kamora will take on Ashley Grace in this inaugural bout!


  • Eric Watts’ ever-cryptic manager, Ty Matthews, has informed CWFH that he and Watts are bringing their “Hyperoptimism” to Coastline Clash. But what exactly will that mean?

This action takes place at the 1st annual Coastline Clash! Don’t miss it!

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Why Can Not We Be friends?

‘Gentlemania’ has treaded lightly into Vermin’s path – Will anyone help Jervis Cottonbelly?

Jervis Cottonbelly has been treading lightly (and accidentally) into Vermin’s unholy path since joining the roster of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood.

Jervis debuted on what, arguably, was the biggest day in Vermin’s history – the day they captured all of the gold in CWFH. It was a day when all eyes should have been on Vermin, yet a fair amount of that attention was stolen away by the debut of one of the more unique wrestlers in the history of the industry…and you don’t steal from Vermin.

Soon after his debut, Jervis was taken under the collective wings of both “Pretty” Peter Avalon (PPA) and Hobo. The two trained him to be more ‘fierce’ in his in-ring battles. Problem was both PPA and the Boxcar Superstar were sworn and bitter enemies of Vermin…and you don’t become friends with Vermin’s enemies.

It wasn’t long before Mr. Cottonbelly found himself scheduled for a pair of singles matches with members of Vermin. Though Cottonbelly came up just short in both contests, he very nearly won both. Lapses-in-judgment by Jervis allowed victory to slip away on both occasions. The victories would be described as ‘embarrassing wins’ for the members of Vermin…and you don’t embarrass Vermin.

In a show of friendship, Jervis agreed to tag team with his friend PPA in a battle against Vermin. After the match concluded, Vermin attempted to exact revenge on PPA for knocking out their leader Yuma, but Jervis stayed to protect his friend. This backed Vermin even further into a corner…and you don’t corner Vermin.


Watch Hollywood Heritage Champion "Pretty" Peter Avalon team up with Jervis Cottonbelly to take on Joey Ryan & Kevin Martenson of Vermin from last week's episode of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood at to an all new episode this Saturday at 4PM on KDOCTV Los Angeles and 9PM on Youtoo America!

Posted by Championship Wrestling from Hollywood on Thursday, October 1, 2015


Jervis’ accidental feud with Vermin caught the attention of Vermin’s most-hated rivals of all – the owners of CWFH, the Marquez family. Nikko Marquez designated Cottonbelly as the leader of the anti-Vermin offensive and Cottonbelly set out to find compatriots in his struggles.

Cottonbelly started with a strong team – pairing with Los Primos Rivera and JR Kratos against the full ranks of Vermin (Joey Ryan, Ryan Taylor, Kevin Martenson and Bad Dude Tito). But, things quickly fell apart.


Kratos’ and Tito’s hatred for one another caused them to brawl into the locker room before the match could conclude. Vermin then isolated and decimated Danny Rivera. Rivera and his cousin quickly realized they had little to gain by feuding with Vermin, so they abandoned Cottonbelly. Ever the competitor, Jervis stayed to fight with Vermin and lost badly…because you don’t fight Vermin alone.

Undaunted, Cottonbelly again scoured the locker room for assistance. Yet again, it seemed like he had found it. He and his new partner, Douglas James appeared to be firing on all cylinders as their new team faced the same Los Primos Rivera that had abandoned Jervis a week prior. In the closing seconds of that match, with victory seemingly in-hand, a cell phone call drew James away from ring and Jervis was left alone again. And Jervis lost. Again.

The battles, the disappointments, the abandonment…the Vermin…it all has to be taking a toll on Jervis Cottonbelly. He must know that Gentlemania alone will not be enough to exterminate Vermin. As such, Jervis has promised to journey beyond the locker room walls, to scour the seas, to search the air, to ride the rails and to walk the highways until he can find a partner in his most-good of fights.

Will Jervis Cottonbelly ever find a partner he can count on? Or will this be the end of ‘Gentlemania’ as we know it?

Tune into Championship Wrestling from Hollywood to find out!

Avalon’s Belt Has Been Taken; Is His Title Next?

Avalon’s Belt Has Been Taken; Is His Title Next?
One week after pinning the champ, Sasha Darevko has stolen the Hollywood Heritage Championship

If there’s one thing the fans at the Oceanview Pavilion are not accustomed to seeing these days, it would be Pretty” Peter Avalon without gold around his waist.

Make no mistake about it – the oft-decorated star of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood is still very much the reigning and defending Hollywood Heritage Champion. But the gold, itself, lies in the clutches of Avalon’s latest nemesis – self-proclaimed Russian “SuperTsar”, Sasha Darevko.

Their feud began when the champion joined CWFH commentators at ringside to watch the Percy Pringle III (PP3) Cup. On his way to the ring to compete, Darevko stopped in front of Avalon to menacingly point at the Heritage Championship belt. Avalon dismissively waved off Darevko. It would be the first time Avalon ignored the Russian’s warning about his intentions to come seeking the title.

Darevko may have looked past his own PP3 match, though, as he suffered an embarrassing defeat to his own signature ‘chain shot’. As Sasha sat up, his dazed eyes narrowed and focused into daggers, but not at his opponent. Instead the seething Russian glared ominously at the champion and at his belt. Avalon failed to take notice; however, marking now the second time he would look past a Darevko warning.

Two short weeks later, Sasha was done pointing and staring. He opened the show with a blisteringly blunt interview in which he told Avalon that he was coming for him and that the champ had better watch his back. Avalon’s attention was elsewhere, though, as CWFH’s proud, fighting champion focused himself on his title defense in that evening’s main event. This would be the third and final time he would be able to ignore Sasha’s threats.

Avalon won the evening’s main event in his typical impressive fashion, but his arm scarcely reached sky before Darevko struck and, as promised, he struck from behind. The Russian used his trusty chain to administer a devastating beatdown, so blind and so dirty that Avalon had to be told the identity of his assailant after the match. Sasha had the champ’s attention now.

After leaving Hollywood Heritage Champion “Pretty” Peter Avalon laid out a few weeks ago, ‘SuperTsar’ Sasha Darevko gets a non-title match on this week’s episode of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood!Tune-in Saturday at 4PM on KDOCTV Los Angeles / KOFY-TV San Francisco and 12AM EST/9PM PST on Youtoo America!

Posted by Championship Wrestling from Hollywood on Monday, February 22, 2016


The following week, Avalon delighted at his chance to get his hands on Darevko in non-title action. In the late stages of an evenly-matched contest, Derevko fell to the mat clutching his knee. The frustrated champion maintained his sportsmanship and let CWFH officials examine his opponent, despite vocally expressing his suspicions over the authenticity of Darevko’s injury.

The champion’s instincts were sharp. As soon as Avalon turned away from his opponent for a split-second, the challenge abandoned his ruse and struck Avalon hard and rolling him up for a pinfall victory that was every bit as dirty as it was shocking. Fake injury or not, the message was delivered: Darevko had pinned the champ.

The following week, Avalon was granted another shot at revenge as he teamed with Television Champion James “Main Event” Morgan against Derevko and his comrade-for-a-day Todd Chandler. Again, Avalon seized a late advantage and again, Darevko resorted to dirty tricks. This time, the Russian abandoned Chandler to battle both Morgan and Avalon as he darted over to the timekeeper’s table, stole the Heritage Championship and escaped the Oceanview Pavilion before the match concluded and long before the belt’s rightful owner, Avalon, noticed.

While it remains clear that PPA can match the Russian SuperTsar in in-ring competition, Darevko’s mind games, dirty tactics and sadistic ambitions have successfully given the challenger the advantage. Now, Darevko holds the belt, but not the title. If the exasperation on Avalon’s face was any indicator, it may not be long until Sasha is the rightful owner of the belt he now possesses.

Will Peter Avalon reclaim what is rightfully his, or has he already worn the Heritage Championship for the last time? Tune in next week to Championship Wrestling from Hollywood to find out!