Impact Wrestling’s California Summer Tour

Tickets are now on sale for Impact Wrestling’s California Summer Tour! Click here for all events and check out each event below!

On Friday August 2nd, Impact Wrestling presents Unbreakable at the Esports Arena in Santa Ana, CA. This event will air live on Impact+ so no one will miss a moment of the action! Get your Unbreakable tickets here!

On Saturday, August 3rd, Impact Wrestling presents Star Struck from the Florentine Gardens right in the heart of Hollywood, CA. This event will air live on Twitch, so be there or tune in because you never know which stars might walk in off of Hollywood Blvd! Get your Star Struck tickets here!

On Sunday, August 4th, Impact Wrestling will be recording the flagship Impact Wrestling program from the Oceanview Pavilion in Port Hueneme, CA! Come be a part of the first ever Impact Wrestling television tapings in California and see the action before it hits the airwaves! Get your Impact Wrestling tickets here!
These events will feature the stars of Impact Wrestling including Impact World Champion Brian Cage, World Tag Team Champions The North, Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie, X-Division Champion Rich Swann, and many more! Get your tickets now!

New Matches Announced for June 2

On the heels of the blockbuster Coastline Clash, Championship Wrestling from Hollywood is proud to return to the Oceanview Pavilion on Sunday June 2nd for it’s next Television Event. Your favorite CWFH stars will be appearing for what is set to be a can’t-miss event. Here are some matches that have been announced:

“Uptown” Andy Brown will be putting the Hollywood Heritage Championship on the line against Robert Baines. Brown has been busy successfully defending his title, earning the reputation he touts as a fighting champion. Baines hasn’t been seen in Hollywood since his brutal Cage Match against Gentleman Jervis at Episode 400. What will the challenger be bringing from the Baines Compound to do away with Andy Brown?

A chaotic 8-Man Tag Team Attraction has been signed encompassing of the four teams that have been clawing to call themselves United World Tag Team Champions. After a bonkers Four Way Elimination Match at Coastline Clash, these teams meet again under different circumstances. ROCKNES Monsters team with the United World Tag Team Champions Reno SCUM to square off against Double Platinum and the Soul Burners. Will these titans be able to work together or will their chemistry prove to be too combustible?

Bateman grimaces while fighting to escape the grasp of Royce Isaacs. (Photo by Hiban Huerta)

Just signed! Royce Isaacs will be exercising his rematch clause to challenge the NEW United Television Champion Bateman. Royce thought he had Bateman put away when he scored a three count on the “King of the Crossroads” at Coastline Clash. Unfortunately for Mr. Isaacs, Bateman still had the PP3 Cup up his sleeve. With Bateman now holding the United Television Title, Royce has become desperate to regain what he lost. Will desperate times call for desperate measures?

More matches will be announced at the event, so make sure to get to the Oceanview Pavilion early on June 2nd to catch every moment of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood!

CWFH Premieres on MyLV TV in Las Vegas

Hollywood comes to Sin City this week as Championship Wrestling from Hollywood presented by Avati Auto Group premieres Saturday at 11pm on MyLV TV. Las Vegas has always had an active pro wrestling community and fans of our programming have been clamoring to bring CWFH to the airwaves in the “Silver State.” The flagship show of the United Wrestling Network, which has aired over 400 episodes, will follow Ring of Honor in the new timeslot.
Many United Wrestling Network stars call Nevada their home including Suede Thompson, Damien Drake, and “Professional” Peter Avalon. Supporters of these athletes can now root for their hometown heroes from the comforts of their living rooms. Fans can expect to see more Vegas talents on television going forward.
For any newer fans looking to catch up on the program before Saturday, episodes of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood are available for free streaming on  Follow @CWFHollywood on social media and check back with for news, upcoming events, and how to watch Championship Wrestling from Hollywood in your area.

CWFH Forms Working Relationship with China’s MKW

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – For nearly a decade, Championship Wrestling from Hollywood has brought some of the most exciting wrestling in the United States to home viewers across the country, partnering with various high-profile wrestling organizations, including Combat Zone Wrestling and the National Wrestling Alliance.
CWFH is pleased to announce their newest partnership, entering a working relationship with China’s Middle Kingdom Wrestling – 摔角王国. In partnering with CWFH, MKW plans to accelerate its commitment to broadcasting all of the promotion’s major events on the top live streaming networks in the Chinese market.As one of the first official acts in this partnership, CWFH is proud to send former United World Tag Team Champion Dicky Mayer overseas in order to spend valuable ring time with the stars of Middle Kingdom Wrestling. Following CWFH’s annual blockbuster, Coastline Clash, Mayer will spend two months in China, simultaneously honing his craft as well as imparting his knowledge, before returning Stateside.

Dicky Mayer (right) will be the first CWFH competitor to work with MKW. (Photo by Hiban Huerta)

Having aired over 400 episodes on over 120 television stations, cable channels and satellite channels, CWFH and its parent organization, the United Wrestling Network, are thrilled to share their broadcast expertise with MKW’s production team.

For more information on Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, please visit, or visit them on all forms of social media, @CWFHollywood.


PPA has an Anniversary Wish for Arquette

The date of April 25th has a special meaning to actor-turned-wrestler David Arquette. As this movie star has returned to the spotlight at Championship Wrestling From Hollywood, his rise to prominence has rubbed “Professional” Peter Avalon the wrong way. Hear in his own words what Avalon has to say to his protégé:

Tickets for Coastline Clash Now Available!

Coastline Clash / CWFH / Monday May 13th at the Irvine Improv!

$ 25.00 – $40.00 / Age All Ages        Doors 6:30       Bell 7:00pm

Click Here for Tickets!

CWFH presents its annual blockbuster event “Coastline Clash” from the World Famous Improv at The Irvine Spectrum!

Currently scheduled:

Grudge Match between international television and movie star David Arquette and “Professional” Peter Avalon with Nikko Marquez.

For the NWA National Championship, Maxwell Jacob Friedman challenges Champion Willie Mack.

The United World Tag Team Title Match features a 4-way Elimination Conteset of The RockNES Monsters Vs. The Soul Burners Vs. Double Platinum Vs. reigning Champions Reno Scum.

Hollywood Heritage Champion Andy Brown will be in action defending his title against Ranchero Rogelio w/Howdy Price.

United Television Title will be on the line as former Champion Bateman meets Royce Issacs w/Jamie Iovine.

This Event will feature a special “Bar Wrestling” match featuring Joey Ryan and L.A. Park.

Plus many more surprises from the folks that bring you weekly coverage of Championship Wrestling From Hollywood on KDOC-TV Los Angeles Saturday’s at 1AM and all over the world. For more information, keep checking

Follow us on Socal Media @CWFHollywood. All matches are subject to change.


CWFH takes Coastline Clash to the Irvine Improv!

Port Hueneme, CA – Each year, Championship Wrestling from Hollywood delivers a suite of blockbuster events that consistently exceed all expectations, but the next blockbuster on the calendar may truly be the biggest in the history of the show’s 400+ episodes! Coastline Clash will emanate from the beautiful Irvine Improv on the evening of Monday, May 13th at 7PM!

News of this Blockbuster Event has trickled South of the Border, as Lucha Libre legend L.A. Park struts back to the United States at Coastline Clash. Who will step up and square off with “The Chairman”?

Hollywood Heritage Champion “Uptown” Andy Brown. (Photo by Hiban Huerta)

Hollywood Heritage Champion “Uptown” Andy Brown has shown himself to be a fighting champion with his Open Challenge title defenses, taking on all comers! But his confidence may have finally caught up with him, as his challenge has drawn the attention of “The Bull with the Golden Horns” Howdy Price and his loyal Ranchero Rogelio. Will the Ranchero find himself on the receiving end of a Package Piledriver, or will Brown’s Heritage Title finally be mounted on the hood of Howdy’s golden Cadillac?

There are few competitors quite as synonymous with Championship Wrestling from Hollywood as Willie Mack, who has captured the admiration of wrestling fans across the globe. Willie will defend his NWA National Title against a dangerous man who debuted at last year’s Coastline Clash, the ever-spiteful Maxwell Jacob Friedman.

The tag team scene in Hollywood has never been hotter, as Reno Scum will defend their United Tag Team Titles in a four-way tag team match, taking on the Soul Burners and TWO sets of former champs in Double Platinum and the ROCKNES MONSTERS! ROCKNES has been preoccupied chasing clones all over the galaxy, but they’ll have to put that aside and focus if they want to de-throne Adam Thornstowe and Luster the Legend!

Jamie Iovine’s Upper Class. (Photo by Hiban Huerta)

“The Main Man” Bateman has been on a warpath since winning the PP3 Cup earlier this year, which he still has yet to cash in! Instead, a brazen Royce Isaacs has challenged Bateman to a match, with Isaacs’ Television Title on the line! Will “The Man from the Crossroads” leave with even more gold, or will Royce have reason to celebrate with Jamie Iovine and the rest of the Upper Class?

Ever since his explosive return to the squared circle, David Arquette has taken the wrestling world by storm, from his rivalry with RJ City to blood-soaked deathmatches. But “Professional” Peter Avalon is not impressed, even going so far as to claim credit for Arquette’s acting success! Therefore, Coastline Clash will see Avalon, the former Hollywood Heritage Champion, take on Arquette, the former WCW Champion, in a grudge match!

The Irvine Improv is located at 527 Spectrum Center Drive, Irvine, CA, 92618. Tickets to this historic event are $25 and are on sale now! For more information, call the Irvine Improv at (949) 854-5455, and keep checking or on social media @CWFHollywood!


Card is subject to change.

World’s Sweetest Man Seeks Television Gold on March 24

“A cup of tea with my friends clears my mind before a big wrestling match,” chimes Gentleman Jervis while sweetly playing with his dog Lord Booplesnoot. “Thomas makes a lovely Earl Grey.” 2019 has been a year of big opportunities on Championship Wrestling from Hollywood for the “World’s Sweetest Man.” After beating Robert Baines in a Steel Cage Match at the PP3 Blockbuster Event, Jervis is a new man.
“For many years I have suffered from fainting spells, cowardice and all around fear. [In the cage] I had a choice to continue running away or to stand up and fight. I decided to fight.” And fight he did. Gentleman Jervis raised his fists to Baines and after landing a Bunny Hop Double Stomp off the steel cage, Jervis climbed out to victory. This put him directly in line for title opportunities across the United Wrestling Network, including a recent encounter against Hollywood Heritage Champion Andy Brown.
Gentleman Jervis Bunny Hops off the cage onto Robert Baines. (Photo by Justin Cotterell)
“No matter what obstacles you face, do not despair and do not give in to fear. You are strong,”  affirms Jervis, content in coming up short against Brown, but hopeful for his next title bout. “It’s time again to show everyone that I can be a winner too.  I face quite a challenge in this Television Championship match. I hope Mr. Iovine and Mr. Isaacs are ready. I’m ready. Roar!” The undying support of Jervis’ friends and fans remains one of his main sources of inspiration going into this match on March 24.
United Television Champion Royce Isaacs (Photo by Hiban Huerta)
“Me and Jamie’s commitment isn’t to each other or the fans,” snipes Champion Royce Isaacs, “The relationship we have is to money and success. This United Television Championship is the marker of that success and Jervis isn’t about to float in here on a cloud of migrating butterflies and change that. If you show up with lullabies you’ll end up with Hush Money. And you can put a dollar sign on that!”
Gentleman Jervis challenges Royce Isaacs for the United Television Championship on March 24 at the Oceanview Pavilion. Don’t miss it!

Reno SCUM Challenge for UWN Tag Titles on March 24

Oi! Oi! Oi! The wait is over and the longest reigning United World Tag Team Champions have returned to Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. After Adam Thornstowe was sidelined with an injury in late 2018, CWFH Minority Owner Nikko Marquez decided to strip the Reno SCUM of their titles for failing to defend within the United Wrestling Network in the stipulated 30 day period. ROCKNES Monsters were crowned the new champions on the landmark 400th episode of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, but have since let those titles slip through their fingers and into the hands of Double Platinum. Nikko Marquez has announced that at the March 24th Television Event at the Oceanview Pavilion that Thornstowe and Luster will get their rematch for the United World Tag Team Championship in a Triple Threat Match. It will be Double Platinum versus ROCKNES Monsters versus Reno SCUM. Upon hearing this news, each team had words for their opponents.
ROCKNES Monsters (Photo by Devin Chen)
“The ROCKNES Monsters have survived heavy fire from all angles and fighting two excellent teams will be no different,” says YUMA while calibrating an unknown intergalactic gadget. “We were robbed of our titles, but justice will be served.” While the “Moon Man” and the “Ace of Space” are confident in their abilities to take on their foes, Double Platinum had less than respectful words towards the longest reigning United World Tag Team Champions.
Double Platinum (Photo by Jonathan King)
“Hasn’t anyone told [Reno SCUM] that Punk is dead? We’re the new wave,” boasts Suede Thompson, confident that Double Platinum will retain their titles on March 24. “We’re only worried about breaking records and holding gold.” reached out to Reno SCUM to see if they feel that they are at a disadvantage by having to take on two teams for their rematch.
“Double Platinum! ROCKNES Monsters! You will be silenced by the violence!” screamed Luster the Legend. From the sound of it, the former champions are more motivated than ever and nothing or nobody will stand in their way.
“It doesn’t matter if it’s one team, two teams, red teams, blue teams. It don’t matter!” added Adam Thornstowe. “We’re taking our titles back and Reno SCUM will be champions FOREVER. Oi! Oi! Oi!”
Make sure to be at the Oceanview Pavilion on Sunday March 24 as the United Wrestling Network World Tag Team Championship will be on the line as Double Platinum defend against ROCKNES Monsters and Reno SCUM!