Levi Shapiro and James Kincaid Host on ABC7


“Bimbo Jimbo” isn’t buying the rhetoric of the “Timeless One.”
The Bay Area of Northern California has a storied history with professional wrestling. Stars like Pat Patterson, Ray Stevens, and “Superstar” Billy Graham were huge box office draws for live events in San Francisco, Oakland, and beyond. Competitors like these men helped bring pro wrestling to television in the Bay Area, but a local wrestling program has not gained momentum in the market in decades. Thanks to West Coast Pro Wrestling, there is finally a localized pro wrestling broadcast on the air in the Bay Area.
Championship Wrestling Presented by West Coast Pro Wrestling is a weekly broadcast airing Saturdays at 1:30AM on ABC7. In order to familiarize new viewers with the action of the United Wrestling Network, the program needed to find hosts who could represent the market while incorporating local events into the hour. “Timeless” Levi Shapiro is a bonafide star and the right man for the job. If you don’t believe us, don’t worry. He’ll tell you himself. Mr. Shapiro is balanced out at the desk by a seasoned broadcaster with a laundry list of accolades. “Bimbo Jimbo” James Kincaid is well established in the Bay Area, having called NBA games for the Golden State Warriors for years. Can Jimbo present the facts for the viewers without sparking the ire of Levi’s colorful analysis? Find out for yourself on the latest episode of Championship Wrestling Presented by West Coast Pro Wrestling, courtesy of the United Wrestling Network:



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