PP3 Spotlight: Julius Coleman

By Weston Browning
Julius Coleman (Photo by Devin Chen)
Julius Coleman. What does that name mean to you? Here at Championship Wrestling from Hollywood that name means hard work, undeterred focus, and positive mental attitude. One of the fan favorites in CWFH, Julius Coleman has already shown that he is destined for great things. The Hunter’s Point native came from hard beginnings, with drugs and gang activity right outside his door, but chose to overcome adversity and live as an example of hope to others.
“I decided to be the rose that blossomed through the rubble of the concrete jungle,” Coleman says with a determined expression. Influenced by acts like Public Enemy – the hip-hop group, not the tag team – Julius incorporates a tenacity and awareness into his style that has made him a huge success around Southern California. When asked by HollywoodWrestling.com what makes him confident that now is his time to find gold in CWFH, he remarked, “Not every blade of grass grows at the same rate. And that’s the case with me.”
Coleman addresses the PP3 entrants after qualifying. (Photo by Devin Chen)
Several of the competitors in the PP3 Cup Tournament have created a list of opponents they’d like to face, should they come up victorious in the finals. Julius has joined the other entrants by naming a few potential matchups of his own. “I’d like to test myself against Rocky Romero, Ryan Taylor, and Bad Dude Tito,” says the blossom that grew from Hunter’s Point. “But my main goal is to win the PP3 Cup and challenge Scorpio Sky for the United Television Championship.” With this plan in mind, Julius Coleman is looking to score the biggest wins of his career in 2018.
The PP3 Cup Tournament begins January 14th at the Oceanview Pavilion. Make sure to stay tuned to the United Wrestling Network to catch all the action and more on Championship Wrestling from Hollywood!

Live From Hollywood: “Back to School Fight” Revisited

By Adam Jeremies
Nicolas Marquez and Peter Avalon introducing Back to School Fight (Photo by Richard De La Cruz)
2018 is sure to bring new opportunities, fresh competition and plenty of surprises to Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. Here at HollywoodWrestling.com we want to take a look back at the action-packed year that was 2017. Who could have predicted that the first televised NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship bout sanctioned by William Patrick Corgan would take place on CWFH? How about the debuts of Jack Swagger and Alberto El Patron? Or the returns of Brian Cage and Ray Rosas? Any of those could have been the most unpredictable moment of 2017, but not the most scandalous. That honor belongs to CWFH: Back to School Fight at the OHM Nightclub.
Back to School Fight was a live event hosted by CWFH head matchmaker, Nicolas Marquez, and “Professional” Peter Avalon that was labeled “Too Hot for TV.” The evening featured plenty of action, including an inter-gender grudge match between Ruby Raze and Kevin Condron. Avalon himself wrestled in a Blacktop Brawl against the “Bad Boy” of Combat Zone Wrestling, Joey Janela.
Marquez also put the CWFH elite to the test against some of the stiffest competition the world has to offer. In a failed attempt to take the Hollywood Heritage Championship away from his foe Bad Dude Tito, Marquez booked a match between Tito and “The Machine” Brian Cage. The Main Event saw Scorpio Sky earn the #1 Contendership to the United Wrestling Network Television Championship by defeating “Mr. Athletic” Jeff Cobb.
Scorpio Sky hits the Ace of Spades on Jeff Cobb (Photo by Devin Chen)
But for those in attendance, nothing was more scandalous than the “Hot for Teacher Match” between Joey Ryan and Scarlett Bordeaux. Due to the “after dark” nature of the match, we’re not allowed to include photos from that spectacle on HollywoodWrestling.com. Let’s just say what happens at the OHM Nightclub, stays at the OHM Nightclub for this one.
Who knows what live events 2018 has in store for Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, but we at HollywoodWrestling.com would love to see a return to the OHM Nightclub!

PP3 Spotlight: Royce Isaacs

By R.O. Brown
Royce Isaacs (Photo by Devin Chen)
Money comes, and money goes, but one thing remains the same, and that’s Royce Isaacs. One of the newest additions to the Championship Wrestling from Hollywood roster, Isaacs is all about making the most money as quick as possible. A former champion in Japan, as well as here in the United States, “The Silverback” has already traveled the world. Whether it’s Korakuen Hall, Future Stars of Wrestling, CWFH, or any other company under the United Wrestling Network umbrella, Royce is no stranger to big money matchups with big time players.
“That’s what Royce Isaacs is all about, getting PPV points and prime time spots,” spouts the no-nonsense thoroughbred from The Mile-High City. “Right now my eyes are on that PP3 cup. But after that, Bad Dude Tito is on my list. I think that match could make some serious dough, enough that he could get that hole in his smile finally fixed, even after I knock a couple more of those teeth out. Plus, I could take that Heritage Title off his hands, so it’d be a win-win for us. That’s a symbiotic relationship.”
Isaacs takes it to former PP3 Cup holder Watts. (Photo by Devin Chen)
With his sights firmly set on the PP3 Cup and then the Hollywood Heritage Championship, two things are certain: Royce Isaacs is here to stay and he’s here to make some serious cash. The PP3 Cup Tournament is looking better than ever with Royce’s addition to the stacked group of competitors who are young, hungry, and eager to prove themselves. With the new audience that Championship Wrestling from Hollywood’s television deal with the CW brings, there’s never been a better time to make a name for yourself in the United Wrestling Network. Stay tuned for the PP3 Cup Tournament kicking off in January on Championship Wrestling From Hollywood.

PP3 Spotlight: Andy Brown

By R.O. Brown
“Uptown” Andy Brown (Photo by Devin Chen)
Championship Wrestling From Hollywood has had quite a collection of charismatic characters walk through their doors. From hobos and masked men with cotton bellies to cult leaders and bad dudes, Hollywood has always been the place to be for the personality inclined. But now it’s time to get funky. One of 2017’s newest additions, “Uptown” Andy Brown, is here to have fun and look good doing it. The Southern California native has already made a name for himself in the wrestling world and now his sights are set on the Percy Pringle III Cup. Knowing fully well that anyone who holds the PP3 Cup can challenge for any title of their choice, Brown’s intentions are clear.
When Hollywoodwrestling.com asked Brown who he’d like to face if he were to win the PP3 Cup, Andy replied with his signature smile, “All of the champions for sure, but also guys like Rocky Romero, Ryan Taylor, ‘Professional’ Peter Avalon, Ray Rosas, Watts and even Coach Flexo.” Brown may seem like all fun and games on the surface, but when he gets hit in the face he’s quick to remind us that he is one of the best strikers in CWFH. Having been a champion everywhere he’s gone, holding both tag team titles and singles gold, Andy is no stranger to the successes that come from hard work.
The PP3 Cup Tournament just got another entrant! (Photo by Devin Chen)
“I had to fight hard to get where I am now, but I never forget to put a smile on my face to show everyone that if I can do it, they can too,” says the Bruno Mars of professional wrestling. The PP3 Cup tournament has always been a place for competitors to prove themselves at Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, and now that the tournament will be seen by a larger audience than ever before, there’s never been a better time for a fresh young talent like Brown to show the world what he’s got. There’s no guarantee who will walk out of the Oceanview Pavilion with the PP3 Cup, but you can bet that “Uptown” Andy Brown will make a name for himself and dance his way into the hearts and minds of CWFH fans the world over. Don’t believe him, just watch.

PP3 Spotlight: Kevin Condron

By R.O. Brown
Kevin Condron (Photo by Devin Chen)
Championship Wrestling from Hollywood has played host to many decorated competitors in the past. Countless names and faces have used it as a platform to launch themselves onto the national and international stage. It is with this in mind that Kevin Condron and his Social Media Manager, Thomas, have joined the ranks here in Hollywood. Kevin is no stranger to the squared circle, having competed against a number of the best professional wrestlers in the world at some of the most elite promotions in the United Wrestling Network. But no United company boasts the national television audience that Championship Wrestling From Hollywood does, and Condron wants a piece of that spotlight.
“I want fame. I want glory. I want every mother, father & child in America to look upon my face and realize that truth is also beautiful. The only place for me to ascend to greatness doing it my way is Championship Wrestling from Hollywood.”
Condron’s Social Media Manager, Thomas (Photo by Devin Chen)
When asked by HollywoodWrestling.com who Kevin has his sights set on at the moment he replied with only one name, “I am most eager to do battle with Peter Avalon. After he and I had a physical confrontation at Championship Wrestling from Arizona, I have not been able to release my resentment towards him.” The Vaping Wonder clearly has some issues to work out with the “Biggest Man in Professional Wrestling,” who happens to be the longest reigning Hollywood Heritage Champion in CWFH history.
Aside from “Professional” Peter Avalon, Condron has stated that he will continue to climb the ranks of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood until his accolades include not only the Hollywood Heritage Championship but the good ol’ “Ten Pounds of Gold” itself, the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship. The first step in this process is none other than the PP3 Cup Tournament. Condron, who was last seen “casting a spell” on the annual tournament, intends to use the prestigious cup to elevate his status at CWFH by challenging for any title he chooses within the United Wrestling Network. With Thomas in tow, a vape in his back pocket, and a lust for glory in his eyes, you can bet on Kevin Condron being quite the contender in the Percival Pringle III Memorial Tournament come January.

The United Wrestling Network and the NWA

NWA Owner Billy Corgan, NWA Vice President David Lagana, and CWFH Executive Producer David Marquez (Photo by Devin Chen)
On October 1, 2017 former Impact Wrestling President Billy Corgan and Impact Producer David Lagana left the promotion to helm the storied National Wrestling Alliance. Also on that day they contacted acting United President and CWFH Executive Producer David Marquez to create a relationship that would bring the famous “10 lbs. of Gold”, the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship, back to national television via CWFH and Championship Wrestling from Arizona programming. Tim Storm, Nick Aldis and Jocephus have all been seen and accepted by our TV audience with great fanfare. Many fans have been speculating on how the NWA title will be featured once the United World Championship is crowned later this year. HollywoodWrestling.com recently caught up with David Marquez and asked the man himself.
“The NWA Worlds Championship is a very special piece of pro wrestling. I’m not just talking about the history, but the image itself,” says Marquez. “When Lightning One (the NWA’s parent company) approached me about working with them in getting the iconic ’10 lbs. of gold’ back on television I couldn’t say no. They knew from the get go that we were in the process of crowning our own champion in 2018, but the United title isn’t the NWA Title. But I do hope that someday it will be seen in the same light. So when we do have our World Champion, we still plan on showcasing the NWA Champion as a special featured attraction across United.”
The NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship and the United World Championship
At print time, NWA Worlds Champion Nick Aldis is scheduled to appear on CWFH several times in 2018, including being featured in the main event on two upcoming United branded international cards. For more info on the National Wrestling Alliance, please follow @NWA on Twitter and Instagram.

What is the PP3 Cup Tournament?

By Adam Jeremies
For the competitors of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, each new year means a chance for glory by winning the Percy Pringle III Memorial Cup Tournament.  The winner of the Percy Pringle III Memorial Cup can challenge for any title in the United Wrestling Network and at any time he or she chooses, a right known as “Percy’s Privilege.”  Past winners, whose names are transcribed on the PP3 Cup, include Ricky Mandel, Rocky Romero, YUMA, Dicky Mayer, and Ryan Taylor, who won the inaugural tournament.
The inaugural PP3 Cup Tournament took place in 2012 and was organized by Percy Pringle III (known as Paul Bearer in WWE) who wanted to showcase the best that CWFH had to offer.  At the time, Pringle managed Shaun Ricker (known now as Eli Drake), and felt that Ricker was worthy of a title shot.  Thus, Pringle created the PP3 Cup Tournament and hand-picked which wrestlers would compete for a chance at Percy’s Privilege. In the finals, Ricker faced a tough challenge in Ryan Taylor.  After Taylor accidentally knocked out the official, Ricker hit Taylor with the “Gravy Train” and went for the cover.  Pringle attempted to count the fall himself, but was stopped by head matchmaker, Jon Ian.  With a new official now in the ring, Ryan Taylor hit the “Perfect Circle” and solidified his place in history as the first ever PP3 Cup holder.  
Shaun Ricker (Eli Drake) and Percy Pringle III pose with the PP3 Cup.
Like the inaugural tournament, the PP3 Cup Tournament was supposed to continue annually with Pringle selecting the competitors himself.  However, on March 5, 2013, the professional wrestling industry lost a legend, when Percy Pringle III passed away.  The decision was made to continue this tournament to honor Pringle’s legacy in CWFH and professional wrestling as a whole.  
Says CWFH color commentator, Jonny Loquasto, “Every PP3 Cup Tournament is a celebration of Percy’s life and invaluable contribution to professional wrestling.  We all know that he still watches every year with a smile on his face (and I’m sure a few candid comments).”
Join us at the Oceanview Pavilion on January 14, 2018 as we commemorate Percy Pringle III with the beginning of the Percy Pringle III Memorial Cup Tournament.

PP3 Spotlight: Tomaste

By R.O. Brown
Tomaste takes a moment to be mindful.
Championship Wrestling from Hollywood has seen a lot of new fresh faces in the last few months, but has also played host to a few returning stars. One of the more unique competitors, lovingly making his way through the ranks is none other than Las Vegas’ resident yogi, Tomaste.
Tomaste first appeared on CWFH from 2012 to 2014, but never quite found his footing as Tommy Misfit. He spent the greater part of the last three years traveling abroad to discover the true value of meditation. Now that he’s found his center, Tomaste is returning to Hollywood with a purpose.
“My goal in CWFH is to lead the United Wrestling Network closer to the true secret of our universe,” recites a calm Tomaste. When HollywoodWrestling.com asked what that secret is, the Mindful Meditator replied peacefully, “Love.”
Tomaste is relieved to have qualified for the PP3 Cup Tournament (Photo by Devin Chen)
Tomaste, like so many others currently at Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, has set his sights on capturing the PP3 Cup. To be the owner of the prestigious cup is an accolade that will skyrocket Tomaste’s loving experience to the stars and fulfill his true purpose. This is just the first step of a process that, if Tomaste has his way, will leave CWFH and the entire United Wrestling Network, a little happier and a lot more loving.

The Machine Sets his Sights on Gold

By R.O. Brown
Brian Cage has returned to Hollywood (Photo by Devin Chen)
The Machine. Mr. GMSI. The Lucha Destroyer. Call him what you will, but Brian Cage has been on a warpath tearing through international Independent Professional Wrestling in a huge way. Whether he’s a Machine in the Temple, the Lucha destroyer South of the border, or an Unbreakable Effin’ Machine in Reseda , Cage has been making his mark and drawing the attention of millions the world over with his unparalleled athleticism, intense mechanical focus, and borderline freakish physique.
It’s no wonder that Cage’s name is associated with several of the top promotions in our industry. Since leaving Percy Pringle III, his Natural Selection partner Shaun Ricker (now Impact Global Champion Eli Drake), and the storied halls of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, Cage has gone on to have a hand in the success of a slew of top shelf promotions. Everyone from Wrestle Circus (TX) to The Crash Luchas (Mexicali) to House of Hardcore (PA) to Lucha Underground (CA) has seen the dominance and ferocity that Cage embodies.
All eyes on “The Machine” (Photo by Devin Chen)
Now we come full circle. Back to Los Angeles, back to the NWA and back to Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. It’s been almost 6 years since we’ve seen Cage on our program but he has come back with a vengeance and with a clear goal in mind: a goal that weighs about 10 lbs. In his short time since returning, Cage has already overcome one-half of the Classic Connection, Levi Shapiro, in his attempts to foil The Office and Nikko Marquez and he’s not done yet. In fact, just this last Saturday Cage showed Championship Wrestling from Hollywoods first Triple Crown Winner Ryan Taylor just how dominant he intends to be in his return. Can anyone stop this man or is it true what they say? “He’s not just a man, he’s a Machine.”

CWFH to Premiere on The CW Network’s CW PLUS Affiliates October 7th

HOLLYWOOD, CA (July 11, 2017) – This fall, America’s fastest growing pro wrestling television promotion will celebrate its 7th year of broadcasting with its biggest expansion yet!

On Saturday, October 7th at 7AM (Alaska 6A),  Championship Wrestling from Hollywood (CWFH) premieres on 110 of The CW Network’s CW Plus affiliates. Since 2010, CWFH has broadcast more than 350 consecutive weeks of televised pro wrestling and the program has featured the very best talent on the pro wrestling scene, including popular personalities and current WWE Superstars.

CWFH has come a very long way. Our company has been around for 14 years and we’ve always have had some sort of television presentation, but it wasn’t until KDOC-TV in Los Angeles gave us the chance to shine 7 years ago that we hit our stride. Today, I’m proud to add these new CW Plus television stations to our existing distribution. Over the years we’ve been able to establish a loyal fan base and many of those people live in the areas where we’ll be premiering on Oct. 7th. I’m also excited because of the timing. We’ve been planning our upcoming United Wrestling Network World Championship Tournament and this coverage will help us build anticipation to that event. I’d like to thank everyone for their continued support and to everyone who helped craft this syndication.” said CWFH Executive Producer David Marquez.

The CW Plus (CWP) is The CW Network’s broadcast platform that distributes programming exclusively to smaller television markets. CWP provides a 24/7 program schedule to these affiliates, with The CW’s primetime schedule as its centerpiece. CWP’s line-up is supplemented by first-run and off-net syndicated programming. CWP is currently available in 111 markets, and reaches roughly 12.8 million homes, or 11% of US television households on an NTI basis.

The CW Plus stations join WVVH-TV New York City, KDOC-TV Los Angeles, KDCO-TV Denver, KWWL-TV Waterloo, WADL-TV Detroit, Youtoo America, Tuff TV and FITE as a part of our weekly distribution. For more information on where you can watch CWFH please visit https://www.hollywoodwrestling.com/television-schedule. Also, please find us on Facebook and follow us on Social Media @CWFHollywood.