Has Howdy Price Bitten off More Than He Can Chew?

By Tina Albers

If you don’t got money, don’t say “Howdy!”
If you don’t got honeys, don’t say “Howdy!”
If this rings a cow bell, it’s because this is one of the many jingles that Howdy Price croones to the audience while accompanying his Rancheros to the ring. The self-proclaimed “Bull with the Golden Horns” has run afoul of the RockNES Monsters in recent weeks and has challenged intergalactic space heroes YUMA and BHK to find a third partner to meet Price and the Rancheros in the ring on July 29 at the Oceanview Pavilion.
The RockNES Monsters make their entrance at the Oceanview Pavilion (photo by Devin Chen)
Finding the right tag team partner is trickier than re-entering the atmosphere, but RockNES Monsters have found a competitor to knock Mr. Price right on his ear. The jingle begins, “If you don’t got money, don’t call ‘Howdy!'” RockNES returned to CWFH with pockets full of space cash to spare no expense in finding the third person for their team. The jingle continues, “If you don’t got honeys, don’t call ‘Howdy!'” The YUMA and BHK found quite possibly the perfect candidate of honey: The World’s Sweetest Man, Gentleman Jervis! Jervis will join RockNES Monsters to spread the word of sweetness to the adoring audience and give Howdy Price and The Rancheros a run for their money.
Gentleman Jervis catches Rogelio off guard with a dance move (photo by Devin Chen)
Join us on July 29 at the Oceanview Pavilion as Gentleman Jervis and the RockNES Monsters step into the ring against Howdy Price and The Rancheros!

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble

By Adam Jeremies
Over the last few months, a man familiar to longtime wrestling fans has resurfaced on the scene.  Former WCW World Heavyweight Champion David Arquette has been training tirelessly at the UWN International WrestleCenter for a return to the squared circle.  To many, Arquette is known as the actor who starred in movies such as Scream and Ready to Rumble.  To wrestling fans, however, he was one of the most controversial figures of World Championship Wrestling.  
Although he had already been acting for several years, David Arquette rose to prominence as Deputy Dewey in the popular 1996 thriller, Scream.  Four years later, Arquette starred in the wrestling-centric movie Ready to Rumble alongside WCW superstars Diamond Dallas Page, Sting and Goldberg.  In an attempt to promote the movie, Arquette would begin appearing on WCW television and even started an on-air feud with figurehead Eric Bischoff.  WCW was no stranger to having celebrities wrestle on their show at that time. Jay Leno, Karl Malone, and Dennis Rodman all famously wrestled matches in WCW.  As memorable as it was to watch these stars wrestle, none of their matches are mired in the controversy that Arquette’s match was.
On the April 26, 2000 episode of Thunder, Arquette teamed with Diamond Dallas Page to face Jeff Jarrett and Eric Bischoff with Page’s World Heavyweight Championship on the line.  Although this was a tag team match, whoever scored the winning pinfall would be declared Champion.  Arquette pinned Bischoff as Jarrett was simultaneously pinning Page, but Arquette was declared the winner and the new WCW World Heavyweight Champion.  Outrage ensued as fans couldn’t believe that an actor would hold the same championship previously held by legends like Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, and Sting.  The fact that an actor like Arquette won the championship is still being talked about today.
David Arquette being handed the WCW World Heavyweight Championship.
After his foray in WCW, Arquette would disappear from wrestling for nearly two decades. This past May, he began training with “Professional” Peter Avalon at the UWN International WrestleCenter.  At Peter and Ray’s Surprise! Birthday Party Show, Arquette once again shocked the wrestling world as he interfered in Avalon’s match to attack the RockNES Monsters.  One person who is not impressed with Mr. Arquette is Canadian superstar RJ City. City took to Twitter to laugh off Arquette as an attention seeking fad, but Arquette responded by threatening to beat him up.  What started as a harmless Twitter conversation over “who the best Golden Girl is” has now become an ordeal that will end in a violent encounter.
David Arquette interfering to attack BHK of the RockNES Monsters.  (Photo by Global Essence Photography)
On July 15th at the Oceanview Pavilion in Port Hueneme, CA, David Arquette will wrestle in his first match in nearly two decades as he challenges RJ City to settle the score once and for all at Championship Wrestling From Hollywood.  This rivalry may have started as a mere Twitter feud, but it will end with one man standing tall and the other laid out on the mat. One thing is for certain, come July 15th, Arquette will be ready to rumble.

What happened to Bateman?

By Weston Browning
Bateman towers over a prone Dicky Mayer. (Photo by Devin Chen)
Here at Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, one name strikes fear and intimidation into the hearts of competitors from all across the globe. When the bell tolls, that name belongs to the man called Bateman. A man of many monikers, Bateman has spent years cementing his name as one of the deadliest strikers in CWFH history.  With an attack like the Death from Above, it’s not uncommon to see the “Main Man’s” opponents left unconscious in the ring. Despite his aggressive nature, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who would claim that Bateman has ever gone too far. That is until a recent turn of events with Hollywood favorite, Dicky Mayer.
Dicky Mayer may have bitten off more than he can chew. (Photo by Devin Chen)
Dicky Mayer has been on a run like no other the last several months from the United Wrestling Network to the world over. In his rookie year, we saw the grappler clad in blue win the PP3 Cup and the United World Tag Team Championships before his mentor Ryan Taylor sent Mayer to the land of the rising sun to further his training. When Mayer returned to CWFH, one thing was certain: He was ready for action and hungry for competition. They say you should be careful what you wish for because you just might get it. Mayer’s call for competition was answered in the form of the Handsome Devil himself, Bateman.
In recent weeks we’ve seen several confrontations between the “King of the Crossroads” and “American Thunder.” No matter what the pairing, the two seem to gravitate towards each other, much to the annoyance of Mr. Bateman. It seems that Dicky has had Bateman’s number on more than one occasion, scoring multiple quick roll up victories on the man with the mustache. Each loss dug further and further under Bateman’s skin until finally driving him over the edge as we saw on a recent episode of the program. The usually calculated Bateman snapped, unleashing a hate-filled barrage of forearms onto the unsuspecting Mayer. The heinous, vicious attack on Dicky left him in a broken pile under the stairs.
Bateman sits proudly on the steps he is crushing Dicky Mayer under. (Photo by Devin Chen)
Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Minority Owner Nikko Marquez elected to suspend Bateman for 30 days in light of the unsportsman-like conduct. Dicky has been on rest since suffering head trauma at the hands of the “Main Man.” As Bateman prepares to return to Hollywood in the next few weeks, we have to ask ourselves: Was it worth it? How will Dicky respond? What will Nikko Marquez do to keep these men under control?
For more updates on Bateman’s suspension, Dicky Mayer’s condition, and upcoming events, check back with HollywoodWrestling.com.

Athletic: A CWFH Weekend Preview

By JT Ticonderoga
Greetings fans! Valentines Day may be over, but the sweet feelings keep moving with no heartbreak in sight. This week’s episode of Championship Wrestling From Hollywood is sure to make your heart go wild!
Opening the program this week is the PP3 Memorial Cup Semi-Final match that will determine who will face Royce Isaacs in the Finals of the PP3 Cup.  The “CEO of Suederade” Suede Thompson locks horns with fan favorite Julius Coleman in a contest sure to dazzle all viewers! Make sure to tune in on time, as you won’t want to miss a moment of this one!

Women’s wrestling returns to the program this week as Barbi Hayden debuts to go toe-to-toe with Shotzi Blackheart. These two women have proven themselves across the country and around the world, but under the bright lights of Hollywood things always get bumped up a notch. Will Blackheart put Barbi away or will Hayden send Shotzi howling?

In this week’s Main Event, Hollywood Heritage Champion Bad Dude Tito puts his title on the line against Jeff Cobb. The man known as “Mr. Athletic” was hand-picked by CWFH Minority Owner and Matchmaker Nikko Marquez to physically challenge Tito in a way he’s never been manhandled before. Cobb’s amateur background speaks for itself, having competed in the Olympics and grappled with some of the best in the world. Will Tito make Cobb’s shining achievements Fade to Black or will Cobb’s efforts spell a bad day for the Bad Dude? Tune in and find out on this week’s Championship Wrestling From Hollywood!

Mask Versus Mask This Sunday

By Tina Albers
A rotund man named Howdy Price waddled his way into Championship Wrestling From Hollywood in 2017 with a goal in mind. With ideas as big as his appetite, Price hatched a plan to form a tag team to dominate CWFH. Greeting each team he scouted with a friendly, though alarming, “HOWDY,” Price set out to recruit two men who he could refer to as his “Rancheros.” He discovered two tall drinks of water in Raul and Rogelio – a pair of monster luchadors who Price has enlisted to do his bidding in exchange for his managerial services.
The Rancheros drill Tomaste with a Spike Piledriver. (Photo by Devin Chen)
In two shakes of a lamb’s tail, Howdy had found the targets to send his Rancheros after: the team of Espiritu and Astro Viajero, collectively known as Spirit and the Stars. This hugely popular tag team has delighted fans of the program for the better part of a year, dazzling viewers with acrobatic moves performed by enigmas in colorful masks. Howdy Price took exception to this. The Rancheros have haunted Spirit and the Stars since their arrival to the company; injuring Espiritu, inhibiting Astro Viajero from qualifying for the PP3 Cup Tournament, and (worst of all) stealing their masks. Howdy Price has set out to run these luchadors off for good and has formally challenged Spirit and the Stars to a “Mask vs. Mask” Tag Team match this Sunday with the stipulation that the losing team must unmask for good.
Astro Viajero and Espiritu soar out of the ring with dual Tope Suicida attacks. (Photo by Devin Chen)
This type of “Lucha de Apuesta” (“Wager Match”) carries the biggest stakes in lucha libre history. Bigger than a Championship match, putting your mask on the line means putting your whole identity and career under that name on the line as well. Many competitors in Mexico who have lost a “Máscara contra Máscara” (“Mask versus Mask”) have never been able to regain the success they enjoyed under their mask and had to leave wrestling permanently.
This is the most important match in the careers of these four men. With everything on the line, Raul, Rogelio, Espiritu, and Astro Viajero will stop at nothing to preserve their identities and tear away that of those standing across the ring from them. Howdy Price’s campaign against Spirit and the Stars will be settled this Sunday at the Oceanview Pavilion. Mask versus Mask. Be there!

Willie Mack Returns This Sunday

By Tina Albers
Oh my God! Here he is once again. Former United Wrestling Network Television Champion Willie Mack has come home to Championship Wrestling From Hollywood. It’s been a minute since Mack has stepped onto the Hollywood stage and several newcomers have jumped ahead in line to take his place. One wrestler in particular has stepped up with moves and charisma that give the juggalo from South Central, Los Angeles a run for his money.
“Uptown” Andy Brown (Photo by Devin Chen)
Enter: “Uptown” Andy Brown. Selected to be one of the eight competitors in the 2018 PP3 Memorial Cup Tournament, Brown has turned heads every time he’s stepped through the curtain at the Oceanview Pavilion. Though Mack may not have been in Hollywood in quite some time, he’s been a busy man; traveling internationally to take on the heaviest hitters Planet Earth has to offer. This first time ever matchup will be a success marker for both competitors. Brown has to prove that he’s worth his spot on the roster and Mack must show Matchmaker Nikko Marquez that he hasn’t missed a step in his time away if he ever wants to come back again.
Make sure to be at the Oceanview Pavilion this Sunday, February 11, to witness the return of The Mack!

PP3 Spotlight: Ricky Mandel

By Weston Browning
Ricky Mandel (Photo by Devin Chen)
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the best-looking wrestler of them all? The “Mirror Image” Ricky Mandel would be the first one to tell you he’s the “Best Looking Champion in Wrestling History.” But don’t let his cocky, arrogant exterior fool you. Where many claim to be one of the best, Ricky has proved it. Championship Wrestling from Hollywood’s audience has already seen firsthand what Mandel is capable of, and with the addition of the new CW audience he looks primed and ready to takeover the entire United Wrestling Network.
The most seasoned veteran in the Percy Pringle III Memorial Cup Tournament was a last minute replacement due to a concussion suffered by Devin Sparks. With an impressive resume, the tournament competitors should approach any match against Mandel with caution. A champion everywhere he’s gone, Ricky is the only member of the PP3 Cup Tournament to have held the illustrious cup in the past, which he used to win Hollywood Heritage Championship in 2014. HollywoodWrestling.com recently caught up with Ricky to ask where his goals for the 2018 PP3 Cup lie.
Mandel lands a dropkick on fellow PP3 Competitor Royce Isaacs. (Photo by Devin Chen)
“The only thing I’m focused on right now is becoming this year’s PP3 Cup winner and being the only man to hold that prestigious honor twice.” Intent on bringing the PP3 Cup back to Sexy Beach, Ricky Mandel may just come in at the last minute and snatch the PP3 Cup right out from under everyone’s noses. Don’t judge this man by his looks. Looks can be deceiving.
The Percy Pringle III Memorial Cup Tournament is set to premiere on CWFH this weekend, with a plethora of top tier talents absolutely itching to get their hands on each other and show the entire United Wrestling Network what they’re capable of. Don’t miss a moment of action on Championship Wrestling from Hollywood as the PP3 Memorial Cup Tournament opening round begins on the program this weekend!

Live From Hollywood: “Red Carpet Rollout” Revisited

By Frank Burns
The host of Red Carpet Rollout, Gentleman Jervis, hugs an adoring fan. (Photo by Devin Chen)
It is often said that professional wrestlers are comic book super heroes and Saturday morning cartoon characters come to life. On a warm Saturday morning on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, that statement became true when the superstars of Championship Wrestling From Hollywood invaded Meltdown Comics! In what Uproxx.com would call “a new Los Angeles tradition,” Gentleman Jervis hosted The Red Carpet Rollout in the middle of a comic book store in front of a packed house of our most loyal and excited fans.
“To perform at Meltdown Comics on a Saturday morning was like a dream come true,” Says Jervis, a.k.a. The World’s Sweetest Man. “I have long been a fan of Saturday morning wrestling, so to be able to make wrestling for the lovely citizens of Hollywood was a treat. I love everyone.”

Wrestlers like PAC 3, Bateman, Rocky Romero, Scorpio Sky and “Professional” Peter Avalon soared through the air between stacks of Superman, Batman and Spider-Man comic books to thunderous cheers. Even Meltdown’s own Jamie Iovine got a piece of the action as a Special Referee who showed Ricky Mandel what happens when you try to cheat inside Meltdown Comics! It was a triumphant return to Hollywood for CWFH and if the smiling faces in Meltdown are any indicator, we will be back soon.
Emmy Award-winning commentator Joe Galli added, “This was a monumental experiment for the United Wrestling Network and it paid off in a huge way. I think it went better than anyone had expected and it shows that our wrestlers and our product can work in any environment and the fans will come out. Our fans know they’ll be entertained, whether in person or on their television screens. I honestly can’t wait to do it again.”
The Main Event saw Rocky Romero team with Scorpio Sky to take on Ryan Taylor and Dicky Mayer.
Championship Wrestling From Hollywood at Meltdown Comics is a match everyone wants to see. Grab a comic book, bring a friend and be on the lookout for the next time Saturday morning wrestling comes to you live from Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood.

PP3 Spotlight: Suede Thompson

By Weston Browning
Suede Thompson (Photo by Devin Chen)
“I have 3 goals at CWFH,” proclaims Suede Thompson, “Win the PP3 Cup, fill it with Suederade, and give a big toast to Percy Pringle III. My man LOVED drinking Suederade!” The charismatic Dab King from Sin City has been on quite the roll here at Championship Wrestling from Hollywood and has carved a spot out for himself throughout the United Wrestling Network. A featured competitor on shows like Championship Wrestling from Arizona in Phoenix, Future Stars of Wrestling in Las Vegas, and Freelance Wrestling in Chicago, Suede Thompson is at the top of his game and the wrestling world is paying attention. Following huge wins over the likes of Big Duke, DJ Hyde, and Peter Avalon in 2017, eyes across the United Wrestling Network are glued to their televisions to see what’s next for the “CEO of Suederade.” These major victories have paved the way for Thompson’s biggest opportunity yet in 2018 – if he can make it happen.
The first stop on Suede Thompson’s 2018 is the Percy Pringle III Memorial Cup Tournament. Recently HollywoodWrestling.com sat down with the self-proclaimed “One Man Show” and asked how he was feeling going into the PP3 Cup Tournament.
“I am laser-focused on winning the PP3 Cup and starting out 2018 on the TOP. The thought of having my name alongside some of Hollywood’s greatest wrestlers would be LIT!” One of the oldest traditions in CWFH, the winner of the prestigious cup is awarded the opportunity to challenge any United title holder of their choice. If things keep going the way that they have for Suede in the New Year, it’s a fair guess that he will be holding some of that gold soon.
Thompson addresses the national audience moments after qualifying for the PP3 Cup Tournament. (Photo by Devin Chen)
With the PP3 Cup fast approaching, tensions are running high in the United Wrestling Network. No matter the result, “Your Favorite Wrestler’s Favorite Wrestler” is sure to make 2018 the Year of Suede. Turn Down For What?

PP3 Spotlight: Richie Slade

By Weston Browning
Richie Slade (Photo by Devin Chen)
There’s confidence, and then there’s Richie Slade. The Southern California 6 year veteran from the School of Hard Knocks has never had issues believing in himself, and that’s not without good reason. In the weeks since Richie Slade’s debut on our program, we’ve already seen him qualify for the illustrious Percy Pringle III Memorial Cup Tournament. Championship Wrestling from Hollywood offers a unique opportunity to the competitor who survives the tournament and wins the PP3 Cup: the ability to challenge any United Wrestling Network Champion of their choice. Thinking highly of his chances, Slade has already expressed immense self-assuredness for the tournament results.
“I’m at CWFH to wrestle everyone on the roster and get the recognition I deserve from the fans by not just going for one championship…but all of them. At once.” The cocky “Hero in Black Leather” has had his fair share of high profile matches before and has even competed against other members of the tournament in the past. As Richie recalls, “Me and Andy Brown started training the exact same day, and who do you think won Rookie of the Year?” As quick as Slade is to pat himself on the back, he’s even faster to call people out.
Slade qualified for the PP3 Tournament in a tag team match alongside Kevin Condron.
When asked by HollywoodWrestling.com who else he would like to challenge, Slade had no qualms naming names, “Rocky Romero, Tomaste, and Suede [Thompson]. But honestly throw me anyone.” It seems that Slade and Andy Brown may still have a thing or two to work out, and what better way than to do it in the ring? One thing is for sure; Richie Slade will make his presence known by being a unique challenge for each member of the tournament that he faces.
Title holders in the United Wrestling Network are waiting on the edges of their seats, anxious for the PP3 Cup to begin. In just a few short weeks a new PP3 Cup Bearer will be made and the landscape of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood and the entire UWN will change forever. Stay tuned!