Year in Review: A CWFH Weekend Preview

Happy Holidays fans! Before we head into our Winter Blockbuster, Milestone, we’re going to take a look back at the year that led us to this monumental event. 2017 was a year of opportunity on Championship Wrestling From Hollywood, and no opportunity is quite like the PP3 Cup. We’ll kick off this week’s episode by revisiting the finals of the PP3 Cup Tournament, pitting Dicky Mayer against Ryan Taylor. Will the young Mayer make a name for himself or will Ryan Taylor add the PP3 Cup to his list of accolades in Hollywood?
Ryan Taylor drives Dicky Mayer into the ring apron during the finals of the PP3 Tournament (Photo by Devin Chen)
CWFH’s Summer Blockbuster The Red Carpet Rumble is always full of huge moments. The event itself is centered around the match that gave it its namesake. The Red Carpet Rumble match pits thirty of Hollywood’s top stars against one another in an every-man-for-himself scenario with the winner earning a future shot at the Hollywood Heritage Championship. On this episode, we’ll take a look back at the uphill battle that was the 2017 Red Carpet Rumble. No one had more of a hill to climb than entrant number one: Bateman.
No rest for the wicked. Bateman enters #1 in the 2017 Red Carpet Rumble
One of the most unique bouts of 2017 is on display this week as the United Wrestling Network sanctioned a CZW Wired Championship match between YUMA and champion Joey Janela. This first-time ever encounter brought elements of the Combat Zone into Hollywood in ways never before seen by our audience. Will YUMA score an upset over the “Bad Boy” or will Joey Janela stroll down the Hollywood Walk of Fame with the Wired Title still around his waist? Tune in for this and much more as we look back at 2017 on this week’s episode of Championship Wrestling From Hollywood!

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Need to catch up on last week’s episode? Here’s what you’ll have to look forward to:
  • Dicky Mayer takes on Pac 3 in a Gauntlet Match!
  • Royce Isaacs vs. Watts!
  • PP3 Cup Qualifier Matches and more!
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Sweet Charlotte: A CWFH Weekend Preview

We kick off this week’s program with a barn-burner of a PP3 qualifier as Julius Coleman takes on Ray Rosas. Coleman has been on a hot streak in the last few months on Championship Wrestling From Hollywood, showing the fans that he can hang with anyone, including the man who keeps sticking his nose in Ray Rosas’ business, “Professional” Peter Avalon. Ray Rosas recently lost an opportunity for a Hollywood Heritage Championship match due to the involvement of Peter Avalon and The Office. Will this tag team veteran continue to have issues with one-on-one competition against Julius Coleman or will the PP3 be proving grounds for Ray Rosas as a singles star in Hollywood?
Howdy Price and his Rancheros (Photo by Devin Chen)
PP3 qualifying action continues as four competitors step into the ring for one spot in the tournament. First is fan favorite “Uptown” Andy Brown, who earned this opportunity by scoring victories in the fall of this year. Brown is joined by tag team wrestler Espiritu, who is separated from partner Astro Viajero in this Four Way Dance to show his abilities as an individual. Unfortunately for Brown and Espiritu, the remaining two men in this qualifier are Howdy Price’s Rancheros. Raul and Rogelio have made a tear through the entire Championship Wrestling From Hollywood roster since debuting this year, which spells bad news for the two other men between the ropes with them. Though entered into this match as individuals, one would think that the Rancheros would be working in tandem. What will this mean for all involved since only one man can qualify?
Nick Aldis keeps an eye on the referee’s count as he punishes Tim Storm at ringside (Photo by Devin Chen)
History will be made in our Main Event, as the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship will be defended after a five-year absence in the company. Champion Tim Storm has demonstrated over the last several weeks that he’ll take on all comers and Nick Aldis will not be denied a title match. Aldis aims to use his stamina and youth to outlast Storm, who is over twenty years older than the challenger. The age gap could prove to be the difference maker for these men. With age comes experience and Tim Storm’s experience has shown to be just as effective as Aldis’ youth. How will the two match up as NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Tim Storm defends the “Ten Pounds of Gold” against Nick Aldis on this week’s episode of Championship Wrestling From Hollywood? Tune in and find out!

Be Well: A CWFH Weekend Preview

It’s PP3 Cup season on Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. Before the tournament kicks off in 2018, the participants must earn their way into the starting brackets. On this episode you’ll see two qualifying matches unfold. The team of Royce Isaacs and Devin Sparks takes on Falco and Lucas Riley to advance two competitors into the tournament. Later in the episode you’ll see a Four-Way Dance comprising of Brody King, Bateman, “Professional” Peter Avalon and Suede Thompson to secure the next spot in the PP3 Cup.
Brody King breaks Bateman’s pin attempt (Photo by Devin Chen)
What sound could possibly match the sweet, heavenly voice of Howdy Price? Possibly only the whistle of Coach Flexo. The United Wrestling Network World Tag Team Championship will be on the line this week as The Rancheros challenge Pac 3 in what promises to be a noise-filled contest. How will these men control themselves?
Pac 3 defends against The Rancheros (Photo by Devin Chen)
The Hollywood Heritage Champion will be in action this week, getting in the ring with Ty Matthews. What motive could Matthews have for requesting this match against Bad Dude Tito just weeks before Tito takes on Ty’s confidant, Watts? Will this encounter spell gold for Hyperoptimism or will the master plan fade to black? Find out on this week’s Championship Wrestling From Hollywood!

Jocephus Threatens William Patrick Corgan, Intends to Confront Storm at Milestone

Tim Storm’s days as NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion are numbered according to Nashville wrestling star Jocephus. This chain-swinging brawler is dissatisfied with the result of his last encounter with Tim Storm and will make his way to Championship Wrestling From Hollywood on December 3rd to rectify what he considers a “great error.”
A controversial moment from the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship bout on Nov 17.
“Tim’s not a Champion. He’s a thief,” proclaims Jocephus with a scowl. A number of tactics employed by the Worlds Heavyweight Champion during their title bout on November 17 have gotten under the bearded bruiser’s skin. Jocephus is most irate over an eye rake that Storm seemingly executed on the challenger as referee Robert King called for a clean break in the corner. It was this maneuver that urged Jocephus to single out William Patrick Corgan at his private recording studio.
“He sees that Tim Storm got in the eye and that I deserve a rematch,” says Jocephus, taking comfort in whatever words were exchanged inside Corgan’s sound-proof recording booth. Here is a closer look at the situation, courtesy of the National Wrestling Alliance:

If Jocephus is as unpredictable as he is persistent, this will be an event you’ll have to see live to believe. What will NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Tim Storm do when Jocephus shows up at the Oceanview Pavilion on December 3rd? See for yourself as Championship Wrestling From Hollywood presents Milestone!

Tim Storm will be in Action at Milestone

The Owner of the NWA, William Patrick “Billy” Corgan, with the Worlds Heavyweight Champion Tim Storm
“I’ll take on anybody that the NWA sanctions,” says the cool-headed Worlds Heavyweight Champion, Tim Storm. “As a World Champion, the fighting champion, there’s nobody that I won’t take on.” As Tim Storm gears up to return to Championship Wrestling From Hollywood this Sunday at Milestone, he is comfortable stepping into the ring with any opponent knowing that he will have the crowd on his side. With the resurgence of the National Wrestling Alliance and the popularity of the “Ten Pounds of Gold” video series, Tim Storm has more fans than ever before. But with prominence comes detractors, and the Champion is not immune to colleagues who don’t take kindly to his success.
Challenges to the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship have kept Tim Storm a busy man in 2017. Recent challenger Jocephus hasn’t taken kindly to Storm leaving their bout with the Ten Pounds of Gold still in his clutch. Nick Aldis has been bellyaching about his loss to Storm since their title match on November 12, saying that the pin “shouldn’t have counted.” Both of these men have continued to follow the Champion, demanding a rematch among the mass of new challengers requesting title shots from the NWA. Stars like Tommy Dreamer have formally requested an opportunity at the Worlds Heavyweight Championship, as have Championship Wrestling From Hollywood alumni Maxwell Jacob Friedman and Joey Janela. Tim Storm has been transparent about his potential future opponents.
“I haven’t hidden from any challenger. I’m open to all competition,” says Storm amid a sea of title match requests. “I know what it was like for me to reach that mountaintop and I think that anybody that has that competitive nature to step up to the plate and take a shot, they deserve that right.”
This is his Mountaintop (Photo by Devin Chen)
Who will be following the man with the Ten Pounds of Gold to the Oceanview Pavilion? The NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Tim Storm will be in action on December 3rd as Championship Wrestling From Hollywood presents Milestone! You won’t want to miss out!


American Thunder is on the Horizon


There is a rumbling on the horizon. It’s a sound that keeps getting closer and closer. As it rolls across the Pacific Ocean, it is heard loud and clear in busy streets of Hollywood. This reverberation could be described as…American Thunder…
Over the last three weeks, we’ve seen a recurring video on Championship Wrestling From Hollywood. Quick flashes of Tokyo lights paired with forceful strikes and dazzling dives re-introduce the viewers to a man that many CWFH fans have not forgotten. A straight-laced competitor we once knew simply as Dicky Mayer will be returning with the new moniker of “American Thunder” to reflect his improved in-ring style. But where has Dicky Mayer been the last few months?
After failing to capture the United Wrestling Network World Tag Team Championship at this year’s Red Carpet Rumble, the 2017 PP3 Cup winner had a lot to think about. Mayer turned to his mentor and training partner, Ryan Taylor, for advice on how to pick himself up after getting knocked down. Taylor took a look at Mayer as if he was looking at a younger version of himself and the answer became clear: Go to Japan.
Like his mentor before him, Dicky Mayer spent three months this year training and wrestling in Japan at the Kaientai Dojo. Under the tutelage of Japanese Wrestling Legend Taka Michinoku, Mayer reshaped his in-ring approach into something that he himself didn’t think possible. caught up with Ryan Taylor to ask how training at the Kaientai Dojo changes you as a wrestler.
“It gave me confidence and proved not just to the world, but to me, that I was ready for the next level,” says Taylor. “I think Dicky Mayer is ready too.” A stamp of approval from Championship Wrestling From Hollywoods first Triple Crown Winner is a huge sign of respect for the young Mayer and one that Dicky does not take lightly.
What can we expect from Dicky Mayer now that he’s combined elements of American Style, Mexican Lucha Libre, and Japanese Puroresu into his aresenal? Keep your eyes peeled and your ears to the ground as we bound towards the premiere of “American Thunder” on Championship Wrestling From Hollywood.
Watch the video below:

Howdy! A CWFH Weekend Preview

Women’s wrestling returns to the program this week as Mazerrati seeks retribution from Ray Lyn. Their match two weeks ago ended with Ray Lyn victorious under questionable circumstances and Mazerrati has not forgotten that. Will Mazerrati put her opponent away or will Ray Lyn live to twerk another day?
The Rancheros surround Astro Viajero (Photo by Devin Chen)
On this week’s episode we’ll hear from Howdy Price and his Rancheros. This team has been making a forceful impact in Hollywood in recent weeks and fans are clamoring to know more about them. What are Howdy Price’s plans for his Rancheros?
Ryan Taylor and Brian Cage size each other up (Photo by Devin Chen)
In the main event, Ryan Taylor takes on “The Machine” Brian Cage. Last week, Cage called out Taylor in search of some “real competition.” Does Brian Cage have Ryan Taylor’s number or has the man who eats twelve times per day bitten off more than he can chew? Find out on this week’s edition of Championship Wrestling From Hollywood!

Peter Avalon Responds to Ray Rosas

The challenge was clear. Ray and Peter locked inside the cage, The Office locked out. Ray Rosas laid out the scenario at the November 12 Television Event in Port Hueneme, CA with the message to Peter Avalon, “Let’s settle this like men.” finally got a hold of “Professional” Peter Avalon to see if accepts Ray’s proposal. Peter appeared a bit off-kilter and was brief with us in his reply. “Ray Rosas…Ray Rosas…Ray Rosas…You’re On,” said an aloof Avalon. Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Minority Owner and Match Maker Nikko Marquez confirmed that the paperwork had been drawn up and signed for the match to take place on December 3rd.
At Milestone it will be “Professional” Peter Avalon versus Ray Rosas in a Steel Cage Match. Make sure to be at the Oceanview Pavilion on December 3rd as Championship Wrestling From Hollywood presents Milestone!

Jack Swagger Returns at Milestone

Jack Swagger will return to Championship Wrestling From Hollywood at Milestone on December 3rd at the Oceanview Pavilion.
Swagger made an impressive debut on the program in October of this year, scoring a victory over Watts. Championship Wrestling From Hollywood officials have selected an opponent for Jack Swagger who is up to par with the “All American American.” On December 3rd, Jack Swagger will step into the ring with another undefeated competitor: Brian Cage!
“The Machine” Brian Cage (Photo by Devin Chen)
Cage has been tearing through opponents since his return to Hollywood in 2017 and looks to do the same with his opponent for Milestone. If the fate of Levi Shapiro and ten other men is a sign for things to come, Brian Cage will show no mercy on his journey to the top of Championship Wrestling From Hollywood. Will Jack Swagger be able to stop the man known as “The Machine”?
It will be a battle of two undefeated stars when Jack Swagger squares off with Brian Cage at the Oceanview Pavilion on December 3rd as Championship Wrestling From Hollywood presents Milestone!