PPrAy-union is coming Sept 16!

August 1, 2021 (Hollywood, CA) – When United Wrestling Network Primetime Live (PTL) premiered on PPV last September it was received with rave reviews and viewership. The series was the first to open pro wrestling’s “forbidden door” by working with multiple promotions including AEW, NJPW and NWA.
“The Pandemic really interrupted a lot of plans for United Wrestling Network. PTL was taking off, we were adding new television stations for our “Championship Wrestling” programming and we were set to crown our first UWN World Champion. It’s taken since November of last year to get us 100% back on track and I’m so happy that our first event with fans features homegrown CWFH favorites “PPRay”! We have a lot in store for this card and upcoming television events from Commerce Casino.” states David Marquez, President of David Marquez Productions, Inc.
Don Quixote is the location for the September 16th “PPRaaayUnion”. Tickets are now on sale at DICE.FM. Additional talent and matches will be released shortly. Watch Championship Wrestling from Hollywood on KDOC-TV (Saturday nights at 1A) for updated information and @CWFHollywood or @UnitedWrestling on Twitter.

A Season of Gold on Championship Wrestling

This season, there have been changes in the air and in title histories. Nearly every title defended on Championship Wrestling from Hollywood has changed hands in recent weeks. HollywoodWrestling.com looks back at what got us here as we gear up for the 500th Episode Spectacular next weekend.
Hollywood Heritage Champion Jordan Clearwater (photo by Justin Cotterell)
Hollywood Heritage Championship 
After several months of hiatus, new episodes of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood returned to the air in Septermber 2020. The very first thing that viewers saw was the “Squash God” WATTS standing tall in the ring with something on his mind. The champ proclaimed that the first person to step into the squared circle would get a shot at his Hollywood Heritage Championship on the spot. The crafty Ray Rosas beat the competition to the ring and then – in a major upset – beat WATTS cleanly in a matter of minutes. Rosas managed to hold onto the title for a handful of defenses on CWFH and Primetime Live despite having to constantly look over his shoulder for enemies SoCal Distancing. Ray ultimately fell prey to the numbers game, as interference from Andy Brown, Miguel, and Dom Kubrick resulted in the most decorated man in the United Wrestling Network losing his coveted championship to his former pupil Jordan Clearwater. “The Golden Boy” is out to prove that he is not a paper champion, having already successfully defended the Hollywood Heritage Title on Primetime Live and CWFH since defeating Rosas. Jordan Clearwater heads into the 500th Episode Spectacular set to put the Hollywood Heritage Championship on the line against Richie Slade!
Howdy Price and United Television Champion Levi Shapiro (photo by Justin Cotterell)
United Television Championship
2020 began as a promising year for contender Dan Joseph. With a successful return to singles competition to kick the decade off, Joseph made a bee line directly to United Television Champion Royce Isaacs. Royce had put down a series of high caliber opponents during his title reign (Scorpio Sky and Bateman to name a few), but no one whose athleticism could outperform his own. Dan Joseph was just the athlete to step up to the plate. In an unannounced open challenge, Joseph defeated Royce Isaacs to capture the United Television Championship and send the former champ back to the “Mile High City.” Dan Joseph worked all year to prove that he is a top tier competitor through and through. “Dan the Man” solidified his nickname by leaving opponents like EJ Sparks, Dom Kubrick, and Slice Boogie laying flat from the Long Way Down. This record did not sit well with one Howdy Price, who sought to unseat the champion by any means necessary. With the aid of a loaded glove, Howdy’s client “Timeless” Levi Shapiro ripped the United Television Championship from Dan’s grasp and has held onto it through a number of underhanded tactics. HollywoodWrestling.com has been told that the United Television Championship will be defended at the 500th Episode Spectacular, but under what circumstances? That is only for the “charging bull with the iron claw” to know for sure.
United World Tag Team Champions The Bodega (photo by Justin Cotterell)
United World Tag Team Championship 
Early 2020 rumbled with unrest from once Television Title contender Adrian Quest. Feeling disheartened from his unsuccessful journey for a singles championship in 2019, Quest demanded a tag team title shot from his longtime mentor Rust Taylor (now Tyler Rust) and partner Tomaste. The Soul Burners, confused though up for the competition, put their United World Tag Team Championship on the line in what they expected would be a pure contest pitting themselves against Adrian Quest and partner “Uptown” Andy Brown. The matchup quickly turned ugly, as Tomaste’s exposed feet were intentionally crushed against the ring steps and Rust Taylor suffered a brutal piledriver on the entrance stage that spelled victory for their opponents. The team now known as STATIC celebrated with confidant Ray Rosas for a short matter of weeks before the program went into a health-mandated hiatus. As the program returned in the Fall of 2020, the United World Tag Team Champions now had a new plan in mind and that did not include keeping Ray Rosas around. Now aligning with a figure that we have only known as “The Man,” Quest and Brown have taken to calling themselves SoCal Distancing and are hell-bent on stopping wrestling and Ray Rosas at all costs. Unfortunately for the Tag Team Champions, Ray Rosas was able to give his former teammates a taste of their own medicine, interfering in a Tag Team Championship match that resulted in crowning of new title holders in The Bodega. Danny Limelight and Papo Esco have been adamant that they will fight anyone and, following a number one contender’s match on the most recent episode of CWFH,  The Bodega will be defending their newly won United World Tag Team Championship at the 500th Episode Spectacular against 4 Minutes of Heat!
The 500th Episode Spectacular begins this weekend on Championship Wrestling from Hollywood! Tune in!
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Hot Take – Primetime Live Premiere




The landscape of professional wrestling never stops morphing and evolving and as always FITE will be at the forefront, bringing viewers across the globe ringside for the genesis of a new weekly, episodic PPV series Primetime Live.


Commencing Tuesday September 15th, the weekly ninety-minute PPV series will emanate from California’s Thunder Studios, produced by The United Wrestling Network, in partnership with the National Wrestling Alliance. The United Wrestling Network is the brainchild of long-time promoter and TV producer Dave Marquez, overseeing a collection of “Championship Wrestling from…” promotions who share talents, production and championships.

The United Wrestling Network will partner with Billy Corgan’s National Wrestling Alliance for Primetime Live, bringing the Champions and competitors from the popular NWA Powerrr series live and in action, meshing the tradition of professional wrestling with a push towards the future. Primetime Live is designed to be a launchpad to provide evolving talents their first national PPV exposure while presenting a Nexus for veterans to return to prominence within the squared circle. For diehard fans seeking to discover the diamonds in the rough who will push professional wrestling to the next level, Primetime Live will be their destination for an alternative, hard-hitting combat sports experience.




There is perhaps no more fitting main event for the debut of UWN’s Primetime Live than Nick Aldis carrying his beloved Ten Pounds of Gold into the ring against a challenger who is seeking not just championship glory but outright redemption. While Aldis has been the flagbearer for the National Wrestling Alliance since the promotion’s rebirth under the auspices of Billy Corgan, Bennett’s career trajectory has been far more sullen. Trapped in the vortex of missed opportunities and being completely misused by WWE officials, Bennett’s escape from the promotion has led to a tremendous chip on his shoulder. Exhausted and furious at being overlooked nationally, Bennett is storming into Primetime Live seeking to shock the world by capturing the NWA Worlds Championship. The only problem with Bennett’s plans to transform the narrative of his career in one evening is that he’ll be attempting to do so by facing perhaps the most tremendously gifted professional wrestler of the modern era…

For Aldis, this match is not just a title defense but a step into the unknown. After all, how does one properly strategize for a contender who has effectively been hiding in plain sight under the radar? Bennett intends to take back his career on the 15th, a night that may prove to be the most important evening in his entire career.




The UWN Primetime Live series will provide a much needed spotlight for professional wrestling promotions that are beloved by their local communities but have yet to find true national exposure. On the debut edition of Primetime Live, West Coast Pro will be featured as their reigning and defending champion, the massive powerhouse Alexander Hammerstone will defend against up and coming West Coast sensation EJ Sparks, who has taken to the air to shock opponents up and down the Pacific Coast. Hammerstone, who has decimated opponents across MLW and Pro Wrestling NOAH over the last year, will be playing Championship Goliath to the David of EJ Sparks. Can power and wrestling finesse overpower heart and all out aerial assaults? It will all unfold on Primetime Live!




Kamille has become both respected and revived as the muscle behind NWA Worlds Champion Nick Aldis, but remains a powerhouse competitor in her own right. During the debut episode of Primetime Live, Kamille will make history, becoming one of the first female competitors to enter the ring on UWN’s debut PPV broadcast. Heather Monroe, a respected veteran of the California scene who has risen to become one of the most beloved combatants in Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, will be a tough test for Kamille. Monroe, recently seen in AEW, has continued to evolve as a competitor. Will Kamille’s strength and aggression be the factor that takes out the “Killer Bae” or will Monroe once again shock the world with another stunning victory? FITE viewers will witness the answer live.




Dan “The Man” Joseph has been enjoying quite the championship reign since ascending to the United Wrestling Network Television Championship throne. While the championship has brought him into regular combat (as well as television opportunities that have included co-hosting Championship Wrestling from Hollywood’s Best-of episodes with Jon Roberts), there may be no more important Championship defense beyond the debut episode of Primetime Live, where Joseph has the opportunity to introduce himself as the definitive champion for viewers across the globe. Joseph will be facing the pride of Atlantic City, NJ, the unorthodox Levi Shapiro, who is no stranger to Joseph. Led to the ring by nefarious talent prospector Howdy Price, Shapiro is laser-focused at redeeming himself after recently losing to Joseph, obsessed with making history as the new UWN Television Champion.




One of the most hard-hitting and in demand independent professional wrestlers fighting today, Chris Dickinson will make his UWN debut on Primetime Live. Having terrorized opponents in AAA Lucha Libre, EVOLVE and Beyond Wrestling, among other outfits, Dickinson is looking to make a worldwide smash with a victory. Dickinson will be facing four-year veteran Dicky Mayer, a star trained by Brian Kendrick and Jesse Hernandez who has wowed fans across The Golden State with his flying headbutt. Will Dicksinson maul his way to his first victory in the United Wrestling Network or will Mayer reign?




Will Allday, a former collegiate wrestling standout who has risen to the top of WWE Hall of Famer Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling promotion will represent the Lone Star State when he clashes with Jordan Clearwater. Clearwater, dubbed “The Golden Boy,” has had a long, successful 2020 on the West Coast, going all the way to the semi-finals of the most recent Percy Pringle III Memorial Cup (The PP3) tournament and debuting for New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Strong TV series on FITE, but the crowning moment of the year would be establishing his dominance on Primetime Live. For Clearwater to do so, he’s going to have to upend Allday, who has torn through Texas like a force of nature. What State will emerge victorious?




Two of California’s most dominant tag teams will face off in a colossal clash during the debut episode of Prime Time Live. One of the most popular duos on the West Coast, The Tribe – Hawaiian Lion and The Navajo Warrior will take to the ring to battle The Wolf Zaddies, Bad Dude Tito and Che Cabrera. The Wolf Zaddies have beaten opponents everywhere into submission and seek to continue carving their path of destruction through Primetime Live. To do so, however, they are going to have to overcome The Tribe, perhaps the most vibrant and resilient tandem to step into the United Wrestling Network. Having endured numerous wars thanks to the tremendous fan support behind them, The Navajo Warrior and Hawaiian Lion seek to entertain and electrify fans across the FITE world with a big tag team victory.


United Wrestling Network’s Primetime Live will debut on Tuesday September 15th and will then air every Tuesday with NWA Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa, the six man trio known as Static and NYC veteran Papadon among the stars heading to future broadcasts. Primetime Live will be the nexus where tradition and tomorrow collide and there’s only one way to be right there at the epicenter of the explosion to come – and that’s to be part of the premiere edition right here on FITE.TV!


Mike Johnson is the lead reporter for PWInsider.com and has been writing about professional wrestling since 1996. He can be found on Twitter @MikePWInsider and MikeJohnsonWrites.com.

Revisting Milestone

The vault has been opened! We continue the journey through recent past this week as we revisit the Milestone 2019 Blockbuster Event, courtesy of Championship Wrestling Presented by West Coast Pro Wrestling:

Dan Joseph: United Television Champion

United Television Champion Dan Joseph (Photo by Justin Cotterell)

“Dan the Man! Dan the Man!” fans at the Oceanview Pavilion chant lovingly at the man who has captured their hearts as well as the United Television Championship. That is the one and only Dan Joseph. With a grin on his face, the native of Buffalo, New York, steps into the ring ready to lock horns with anyone looking for a title shot. A True Hollywood Story.
As the first graduate of the United Wrestling Network International WrestleCenter, Dan had big shoes to fill. The rookie joined forces with experienced CWFH wrestler Todd Chandler to form the dance-crazed team Footloose. The duo was popular with fans, but fell short of championship aspirations. After Chandler and Dan parted ways, Joseph was recruited by Coach Flexo to join PAC 3. As a proven super-athlete, Joseph fit in well with Flexo’s team of like-minded jocks Dicky Mayer and Dylan Bostic. The unit was a success, becoming the longest-reigning United World Tag Team Champions at the time. It was obvious that Dan was breakout star of the bunch, now set to prove himself in singles competition.

United World Tag Team Champions PAC 3

Following a promising start in the Singles Division, Dan Joseph suffered an injury that sidelined him for many months. Doctors diagnosed him with a torn ACL with partial tears in his meniscus and medial meniscus. Where most wrestlers saw a disadvantage, Dan saw an opportunity. Possesing a talent for providing colorful descriptions of the world around him, Dan Jospeh found a new home at the commentary table. On both Championship Wrestling from Hollywood and Championship Wrestling from Arizona, Joseph made fans hang on his every word thorugh true sports analysis and undeniable charm. Before long, fans clammored for his return to the ring and Dan was happy to oblige.

Dan at the commentary desk with Todd Keneley (Photo by Hiban Huerta)

The surgically repaired Dan Joseph attacked the United Singles Division like a man on fire. He began putting down opponents like Ty Matthews and Ray Rosas on his quest to prove himself as a bonafide commodity in the squared circle. There was one prize that Dan had his eyes on. One that he hadn’t challenged for in nearly five years: the United Television Championship. The man sitting on the television throne was one of the most decorated men in the United Wrestling Network, Royce Isaacs. HollywoodWrestling.com caught up with Dan Joseph to see just how he beat the captain of Jamie Iovine’s Upper Class to become Television Champion.

“Well I pinned him is how I became champion,” banters Joseph, “But if you’re asking how I got there, it took everything I had and more. Royce is a big boy and he throws hands as hard as anybody I’ve been in the ring with. I had to dig deep to places I wasn’t sure I had. It took everything in me and more to win the title and that’s what I’ll give every time to keep it.”
The title win was not a fluke victory and holding the United Television Championship is something that Dan takes very seriously. His powerslams will land, even if his puns do not. Dad jokes aside, Dan Joseph is the man to beat on television.

Catch a Replay of the Historic United Wrestling Network China Special

Last week we celebrated 2 years since the superstars of the United Wrestling Network journeyed to Wenzhou, China to take the country by storm. In this first-ever professional wrestling broadcast for American television emanating from the People’s Republic of China, you will see then United World Tag Team Champions Reno SCUM defending against Alex Chamberlain and current Hollywood Heritage Champion WATTS, a competitive Women’s Division Bout pitting Barbi Hayden against the “Killer Bae” Heather Monroe, and Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana challenging the “National Treasure” Nick Aldis for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship. Here is the replay, courtesy of Championship Wrestling Presented by Amarillo Venom:

United World Tag Team Champions Feel “Static”

2019 was a rising year for fan favorite Adrian Quest a.k.a. “Young Fuego.” The fiery competitor with a world of potential had several huge matchups, including facing Bateman in the 2019 PP3 Finals, taking then Heritage Champion “Uptown” Andy Brown to the limit in a breathtaking title bout, and finally capturing the United Television Title only for it to be taken away by Nikko Marquez. Despite his best efforts, frustration bled through and fans began to wonder if Adrian Quest could win the “big one.” On an episode of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, Quest described that he felt leftover, static, and deserted by people who he thought had his back.

When tasked with choosing a partner to challenge the United World Tag Team Champions, Quest smartly picked one of the most decorated contenders in the United Wrestling Network. “Uptown” Andy Brown is a former Hollywood Heritage Champion, 2018 Red Carpet Rumble Winner, and has competed in more television Main Events in the last eighteen months than any other active member of the roster. With a certifiable ringer in his corner, Adrian set the challenge to the Soul Burners, determined to take their titles by any means necessary. And we mean by any means necessary. What happened next, you’ll have to see to believe.

The newly crowned United World Tag Team Champions have now joined up with Arizona State Champion and 2020 PP3 Cup Bearer Ray Rosas. The trio, collectively going by the moniker “STATIC,” have shown that a change in tune is just what they needed to move their careers forward. But what approach will Quest and Brown take for their upcoming title defenses? Take a look at this comment from STATIC:

Idol vs Rosas This Weekend

After weeks of anticipation, the Percy Pringle III Tournament Finals are here! The PP3 Blockbuster kicked off last weekend, saying farewell to Vermin in the Main Event at the hands of the Wolf Zaddies. This week, viewers will witness the match that gives the event its namesake. For Ray Rosas and Anthony Idol, winning this match will grant them Percy’s Privilege: the ability to have a title match anytime, anywhere, for any championship defended in the United Wrestling Network. Here is a look at the paths that led these men to the Finals, courtesy of Championship Wrestling Presented by West Coast Pro Wrestling:


Breaking: United Events Postponed

State Officials across the United States have called for large events to be postponed amid the ongoing outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Given the state of emergency, the United Wrestling Network has postponed all upcoming Championship Wrestling from Hollywood and Championship Wrestling from Arizona television events and blockbusters. Tickets purchased for these events will be honored when a new date is announced. Ticket holders may also request a refund at the point of purchase. Viewers of our programming will still be able to watch their favorite wrestlers at the regularly scheduled times.
“Since our show is pre-recorded, there are several weeks of existing programming in the can and if in 30 days we’ve not been in production on new episodes, we are fortunate to have a 10 year archive that can be repurposed for broadcasting,” stated David Marquez, President and CEO of David Marquez Productions, Inc.

For the safety of the citizens of Memphis, Tennessee, Autozone Park has postponed all events until further notice. Unfortunately, this includes the Birthday Bash promoted by Championship Wrestling Presented by Pro Shingle that was scheduled for April 25.
“We’re gonna bodyslam COVID-19!” shouts host Dustin Starr, “And don’t worry! Our Birthday Bash isn’t canceled and we look forward to celebrating with you at a later date!”

In compliance with national health advisory, West Coast Pro Wrestling’s “A Lesson to Be Learned” event has been postponed to April 17. The event, which features Championship Wrestling Presented by West Coast Pro Wrestling stars such as Levi Shapiro, Heather Monroe, and Zicky Dice, will honor all tickets purchased for the originally scheduled date.
“Your passion, respect, and support since the beginning of West Coast Pro is what keeps us going forward, giving you the best pro wrestling in Northern California,” says promoter Scott Bregante. “I appreciate you, and look forward to seeing you on April 17.”
Championship Wrestling Presented by West Coast Pro Wrestling will continue to air as scheduled. Tune in for the action and updates regarding upcoming events.

Championship Wrestling Presented by Amarillo Venom is off to a great start following a stellar premiere on March 14. Unfortunately, the main sponsor of the program, Amarillo Venom Football, have announced that their season has been postponed due to COVID-19 concerns.
“It is the league’s intent, and the intent of all our teams to play this season,” says Champions Indoor Football Commissioner Ricky Bertz. “As this issue evolves, we will be making decisions and passing information along in as timely a manner as possible.”
Championship Wrestling Presented by Amarillo Venom will continue to air as scheduled. Tune in for the latest action as well as updates from the Amarillo Venom on their upcoming season.
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Watch the Premiere of Championship Wrestling Presented by Amarillo Venom!

Last Saturday night, the people of Amarillo, Texas were treated to the premiere edition of Championship Wrestling Presented by Amarillo Venom. For anyone who missed it or lives outside of the “Yellow Rose of Texas,” HollywoodWrestling.com has the exclusive replay, courtesy of the United Wrestling Network. Join host Jon Roberts as he welcomes viewers into week one of the PP3 Blockbuster Event on Championship Wrestling Presented by Amarillo Venom: