Amarillo Welcomes Championship Wrestling!

On March 14, the great city of Amarillo, Texas welcomed the premiere of Championship Wrestling Presented by Amarillo Venom. This program, which airs Saturdays at 11pm on NewsChannel 10 Too, will feature Texas talents in addition to the international roster that the United Wrestling Network presents every week.
Hosted by broadcaster Jon Roberts, Championship Wrestling Presented by Amarillo Venom is the latest of the localized editions of the Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, joining the San Fransisco, Houston, and Memphis television markets. With the success of the show, fans can expect live events in the Amarillo area in the future. To keep up with the latest updates, follow @CWFHollywood on social media and tune into Championship Wrestling Presented by Amarillo Venom every Saturday night at 11pm on NewsChannel 10 Too!

PP3 Finals, Champions Showcase, and more on February 23!

The PP3 Finals are here and there are huge matches in store on February 23!


Holding the PP3 Cup grants its owner the opportunity to have any title match at any time against any opponent in the United Wrestling Network. Will Anthony Idol go into overdrive and win the Cup or will Ray Rosas be victorious without a care in the world? The 2020 Cup Bearer is made on February 23!


The PP3 Cup Blockbuster celebrates the Champions of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood and the United Wrestling Network. This titanic Tag Team Main Event pits the Hollywood Heritage Champion WATTS and his partner United Television Champion Dan Joseph against the United World Tag Team Champions Adrian Quest and “Uptown” Andy Brown. The makings of true Champions will be on display in this matchup.


HOWDY! The men formerly known as the Classic Connection have parted ways with a certain rotund loudmouth wedging his way in between. With Howdy Price choosing Levi Shapiro over Buddy Royal and Royal ruining Shapiro’s shot at the United Television Championship, these men are on a collision course. They meet inside the squared circle on February 23!

Scheduled to appear:

Gentleman Jervis & Friendship Farm


Wolf Zaddies

Danny Limelight

Fidel Bravo & Pinx

and more!

PP3 Matches, Best of 7 Continues, TV Champion in Action, and more on Jan 19!

2020 has kicked off in a huge way with the 2020 Percy Pringle III Cup Tournament. Some competitors have already been knocked out, but four men still seek Percy’s Privilege. On January 19th, “Uptown” Andy Brown and Anthony Idol square off to see who will go to the Finals!
Halston Boddy has told Lacey Ryan that Heather Monroe is not done with her by a long shot! We heard in recent weeks that the “Killer Bae” has challenged Lacey to a Best of Seven series in which Halston Boddy gets to choose the stipulation for each match! For reasons unknown to us, Lacey Ryan has accepted this challenge. What does Halston Boddy have up his sleeve on January 19th?
The biggest surprise of the new year has been Dan Joseph capturing the United Television Championship! One of the hardest working competitors in any locker room rose to the occasion when Royce Isaacs issued an open challenge for the top prize in the United Wrestling Network. With his new title around his waist, Dan Joseph looks to make his first defense in Hollywood on January 19th!
Be at the Oceanview Pavilion on Sunday January 19th for al of this and more action from Championship Wrestling from Hollywood! Free Admission, Doors at 3pm. 

Bay Area Welcomes Championship Wrestling!


Hollywood/San Francisco, CA (January 8, 2020) – In one month on Saturday February 8th at 1:30A “Championship Wrestling presented by West Coast Pro Wrestling” (CW) premieres on ABC7/KGO-TV in San Francisco. This new show follows the “Championship Wrestling” (CWFH) format established last year by the United Wrestling Network on CW30 in Memphis, TN and ABC13 in Houston, TX. The Bay Area version of “Championship Wrestling from Hollywood” will be hosted by Golden State Warriors Broadcaster James Kincaid and United Wrestling Network in ring Competitor Levi Shapiro.

“Our newest CW market specific broadcast on KGO-TV is very unique. It’s the first time a local pro wrestling promotion is the title sponsor. I feel Scott Bregante the Owner of West Coast Pro Wrestling is very enterprising and this kind of out of the box thinking will propel his brand of area wrestling to the top of his region. CWFH is celebrating it’s first decade in syndication and has featured the very best pro wrestling talent around. Many of them appear on network television today and I hope we continue this trend for many years to come. San Francisco is an amazing market with loyal pro wrestling fans. We hope they enjoy our programming on ABC7.” said CWFH Executive Producer David Marquez.

“There is tremendous talent associated with CWFH, and at West Coast Pro Wrestling, we are no stranger to that. David Marquez has the right vision, and we are happy to see that vision make it’s way to Bay Area television. We look forward to sponsoring “Championship Wrestling” on ABC7 , and continuing a fruitful relationship with the United Wrestling Network, now, and into the future.” stated West Coast Pro Wrestling Owner Scott Bregante

Watch “Championship Wrestling presented by West Coast Pro Wrestling” every Saturday night at 1:30A on ABC7/KGO-TV and follow us on Social Media @CWFHollywood and For more information on West Coast Pro Wrestling please visit @wcprowrestling on Twitter and


KGO-TV, virtual and VHF digital channel 7, is an ABC owned-and-operated television station licensed to San Francisco, California, United States and serving the San Francisco Bay Area. The station is owned by the ABC Owned Television Stations subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company.

A Quest for Gold

Adrian Quest is held back from the Upper Class. (Photo by Hiban Huerta)
2019 has been a year of reaching new heights for Adrian Quest. Looking back, the past twelve months have been full of highlights for “Young Fuego.” From the Finals of the 2019 PP3 Cup Tournament, to taking then Hollywood Heritage Champion “Uptown” Andy Brown to the absolute limit, to now being dead set on being the next United Television Champion, Quest has had ambitious plans fueling his every move. At Milestone on December 8th, Adrian will get his next chance at glory when he meets Royce Isaacs for the Television Championship.  With one eye on his potential and  the other on his win-loss record, this title bout raises the question “Can Adrian Quest win the big one?”
Royce Isaacs as NWA World Tag Team Champion and United Television Champion. (Photo by Hiban Huerta)
“Look at Quest and look at me,” says Champion Royce Isaacs, “He went to the PP3 Finals this year and lost. I went to the PP3 Finals last year and came up short. The difference there is that he kept losing. After the PP3 Finals, I had the best year in Championship Wrestling from Hollywood history.” Royce may be boastful, but he isn’t wrong. In the last year alone, Isaacs has held the NWA World Tag Team Championship, United Television Championship, and Hollywood Heritage Championship; the latter two he held simultaneously. Thanks largely to manager Jamie Iovine, Royce remains in the title picture where ever he goes.
Jamie Iovine keeping an eye on his client’s interests. (Photo by Hiban Huerta)
“Royce is my top client,” says Jamie Iovine pridefully. “He is a ‘big match wrestler’ and I find him the biggest exhibitions out there. That pipsqueak Adrian Quest is outclassed.” Despite their track record, Jamie Iovine’s Upper Class may be taking their challenger too lightly. Between a challenger with nothing to lose and Champion with nothing he won’t do to hold onto his title, fans should prepare for a television classic at Milestone!

NWA Returns at Milestone!


Thunder Rosa

Fans of the National Wrestling Alliance are in for a treat when the stars of NWA POWERRR step foot in the Oceanview Pavilion at Milestone on December 8th. The world has been buzzing about the sensational studio wrestling program that has gathered hundreds of thousands of views. Straight from Atlanta, Georgia, CWFH fans will be presented with these competitors:

Thunder Rosa

“La Mera Mera” has shown her mean streak since debuting for the NWA. This no-nonsense fighter is coming for anyone in Hollywood who is brave enough to accept the challenge.

The Question Mark

An alleged master of Karate, The Question Mark has made his mark on the POWERRR roster in his short time thus far on the program. What could he have in store for Championship Wrestling from Hollywood? This enigma wrapped in a mystery wrapped in a mask debuts on December 8th at Milestone!

Ricky Starks

There is one man in the National Wrestling Alliance who is more loved than anyone else. That man is Ricky Starks and the love comes entirely from himself. “The Stroke Daddy” has made his intentions for Milestone clear as he challenges Hollywood Heritage Champion WATTS with the intention of strutting down the Walk of Fame afterwards with a new accessory around his waist.

Meet NWA’s Eli Drake, PP3 Qualifiers, and More on Nov 3!

NWA’s Eli Drake talks to David Marquez (Photo by Hiban Huerta)
“Hey Dummy, let me talk to ya!” 
Meet National Wrestling Alliance star Eli Drake at the Oceanview Pavilion on November 3rd! This international wrestling sensation returns home to Championship Wrestling from Hollywood for a Special Appearance after the event for all fans in attendance! What will Eli Drake have planned? You’ll have to be there in person to see and “that’s just a fact of life!”
The PP3 Cup (Photo by Devin Chen)
The PP3 Cup qualifying rounds begin on November 3rd. For any wrestler looking to get ahead in the United Wrestling Network, the Percy Pringle III Cup is a career making achievement. The competitor who becomes the Cup Bearer can use “Percy’s Privilege” to be granted a title opportunity against any Champion at any time! But first, they’ll have to qualify for the tournament on November 3rd!
Jamie Iovine and United Television Champion Royce Isaacs (Photo by Hiban Huerta)
Jamie Iovine may have bitten off more than he can chew this time. After issuing an open challenge to anyone in the United Wrestling Network for a future shot at Television Champion Royce Isaacs, Iovine was perplexed by the man who answered. “Young Fuego” Adrian Quest stormed to the ring, to the amusement of the Upper Class. In an effort to brush Quest off, Iovine agreed to give Adrian a title match at Milestone  if he beat Jamie Iovine himself first. The Upper Class puts their money where their mouth is on November 3rd!
The Oceanview Pavilion is located at 575 Surfside Drive, Port Hueneme, CA 93041

The Bay Area Welcomes Championship Wrestling!

Off the success of Championship Wrestling: Houston Edition on ABC13 Houston, is proud to announce that Championship Wrestling: Bay Area Edition will premiere in 2020 on KGO-TV San Francisco on ABC7. Much like our CW 30 Memphis Championship Wrestling presented by Pro Shingle program, the Bay Area Edition will feature local hosts and businesses on the weekly broadcast. The Bay Area has a rich history of Professional Wrestling and the United Wrestling Network is excited to bring a localized weekly broadcast to the market once again. Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years and to new fans who will tune in to catch all the stars of Championship Wrestling: Bay Area Edition!

Mask vs Title, Tag Champs in Action, Will Allday Returns & More on Oct 20!

On October 20th, the action returns to the Oceanview Pavilion as Championship Wrestling from Hollywood presents our next Television Event! Here’s what you can look forward to going into this weekend’s extravaganza:
Mask vs. Title
Howdy Price’s Ranchero Rogelio has been on a tear for the Hollywood Heritage Championship for all of 2019. He was a hair away from beating then-Champion Andy Brown at Coastline Clash, he was two eliminations away from capturing the title at the Red Carpet Rumble, and now Rogelio is determined to take championship away from WATTS. Not willing to play games with the “Squash God,” but desperate enough to do anything to get another opportunity at the Hollywood Heritage Title, Rogelio will put his mask on the line against WATTS on October 20!
Hollywood Heritage Champion WATTS with a grasp on the mask of Rogelio. (Photo by Justin Cotterell)
United World Tag Team Champions in Action
Ryan Taylor and Tomaste have held their own since defeating Reno SCUM for the United World Tag Team Championship.  Taylor recently went on an excursion to Europe to sharpen his already pointed skills and has now returned to the United Wrestling Network to join his Soul Burner brother in tag team action. Who will be next to challenge the World Champions?
United World Tag Team Champions the Soul Burners (Photo by Justin Cotterell)
 Will Allday Returns
The Reality of Wrestling Television Champion Will Allday returns to Championship Wrestling from Hollywood on October 20th. After an impressive debut against Adrian Quest, Allday looks to take on any challenger put in front of him. Who will be next for Mr. Allday?
ROW Television Champion Will Allday with David Marquez. (Photo by Hiban Huerta)
Also Scheduled to Appear:
Jamie Iovine’s Upper Class
Dicky Mayer w/Ty Matthews
Dan Joseph
Lacey Ryan
And More!
Join us on October 20 at the Oceanview Pavilion as Championship Wrestling from Hollywood presents its next Television Event! 3pm Doors, Free Admission!

LATV to Air CWFH Back to Back in English & Spanish! 

Hollywood, CA (October 15, 2019) – Starting Saturday October 26th at 2PM Bilingual Television Network LATV premieres Championship Wrestling from Hollywood in a back to back, two hour block in both English and Spanish.
“If you’ve been a fan of CWFH you know we’ve been on the air for 9 years but what you may not know if we’ve been producing a Spanish language version of the program for about 3 years. That version of the show has had small distribution, but today with the announcement of LATV we’ve been able to gain and additional 40% of Spanish speaking homes. Our goal with this partnership is introduce our style of wrestling programming to the 3rd and 4th generation of Hispanic Youths who may not be fluent in Spanish, but celebrate their culture and heritage. LATV also brings Los Angeles television station KVMD. This is very important to us because Souther California is our home base. We look forward to a great relationship with LATV!” said CWFH Executive Producer David Marquez.
CWFH Spanish Commentators Miguel Martinez and Noel Marquez at the Red Carpet Rumble. (Photo by Hiban Huerta)
About LATV:
LATV is more than a media company, it is a direct link to the growing voice of the Latino experience. As the original alternative, and only remaining Latino-owned TV network in the Hispanic television space, LATV has established itself as a pioneering network, a trend-setting brand, and an innovative content hub. To see if LATV is on in your area please visit
About CWFH:
Championship Wrestling from Hollywood (CWFH) is the flagship program of the United Wrestling Network and is America’s fastest growing pro wrestling television hour! Each week you’ll see the very best in professional wrestling that includes established network wrestling television Superstars to today’s up and coming talent working on cementing their name among the greats of the Squared Circle. For more information on CWFH please visit and follow us on Social Media @CWFHollywood.