A Quest for Gold

Adrian Quest is held back from the Upper Class. (Photo by Hiban Huerta)
2019 has been a year of reaching new heights for Adrian Quest. Looking back, the past twelve months have been full of highlights for “Young Fuego.” From the Finals of the 2019 PP3 Cup Tournament, to taking then Hollywood Heritage Champion “Uptown” Andy Brown to the absolute limit, to now being dead set on being the next United Television Champion, Quest has had ambitious plans fueling his every move. At Milestone on December 8th, Adrian will get his next chance at glory when he meets Royce Isaacs for the Television Championship.  With one eye on his potential and  the other on his win-loss record, this title bout raises the question “Can Adrian Quest win the big one?”
Royce Isaacs as NWA World Tag Team Champion and United Television Champion. (Photo by Hiban Huerta)
“Look at Quest and look at me,” says Champion Royce Isaacs, “He went to the PP3 Finals this year and lost. I went to the PP3 Finals last year and came up short. The difference there is that he kept losing. After the PP3 Finals, I had the best year in Championship Wrestling from Hollywood history.” Royce may be boastful, but he isn’t wrong. In the last year alone, Isaacs has held the NWA World Tag Team Championship, United Television Championship, and Hollywood Heritage Championship; the latter two he held simultaneously. Thanks largely to manager Jamie Iovine, Royce remains in the title picture where ever he goes.
Jamie Iovine keeping an eye on his client’s interests. (Photo by Hiban Huerta)
“Royce is my top client,” says Jamie Iovine pridefully. “He is a ‘big match wrestler’ and I find him the biggest exhibitions out there. That pipsqueak Adrian Quest is outclassed.” Despite their track record, Jamie Iovine’s Upper Class may be taking their challenger too lightly. Between a challenger with nothing to lose and Champion with nothing he won’t do to hold onto his title, fans should prepare for a television classic at Milestone!
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