The Tribe Challenges for the United World Tag Titles on Oct 28

The United World Tag Team Champions make their entrance. (Photo by Devin Chen)
The Reno SCUM are the longest reigning tag team champions in recent history. Their reign has spanned the globe, making a successful defense in Wenzhou, China earlier this year, with more worldly conquests on the horizon. Thornstowe and Legend have faced a menagerie of new teams during their time as champions, but not many long-established teams. That will change on October 28 as they defend against Navajo Warrior and Hawaiian Lion, better known as The Tribe.
The Tribe have teamed together for over ten years and pose quite a size threat to the rockers from Reno, Nevada. Long time fans of our program will remember The Tribe as the longest-reigning Heritage Tag Team Champions. Though absent from Championship Wrestling From Hollywood for some time, Hawaiian Lion and Navajo Warrior are mainstays at Championship Wrestling From Arizona, where they have left teams like the Classic Connection and R-Three and Evan Daniels laying. It would be unwise for Reno SCUM to bring anything other than their A-game on October 28.
Thornstowe lands a double stomp on Tomaste in a recent title defense. (Photo by Devin Chen)
Be at the Oceanview Pavilion on October 28 as The Tribe challenges Reno SCUM for the United World Tag Team Championship!

Willie Mack to Make First Defense of NWA National Title on Oct 28

The NWA National Championship.
At NWA 70 Willie Mack made history by outlasting seven other men and claiming the vacant NWA National Championship. The finals of the tournament pitted Mack against the dominant Sam Shaw. Shaw is a mountain of a man who ran over the men in his qualifier like an eighteen wheeler. The power of Shaw was no match for a well placed stunner, as Willie was able to pick up the victory and the National Championship.
Mack returns to Hollywood on October 28 looking to make a statement. Minority Owner Nikko Marquez recently stripped Mack of the Hollywood Heritage Championship for failing to defend that title in the United Wrestling Network within thirty days. Willie will walk back into Hollywood still a champion and is set to make his first defense against an opponent of Mack’s choosing. That opponent is “Uptown” Andy Brown.
“Uptown” Andy Brown (Photo by Devin Chen)
Brown earned a title opportunity at the Hollywood Heritage Championship at this year’s Red Carpet Rumble, but ultimately fell to Royce Isaacs in the bout for the vacated title. One would have to think that Andy Brown has been scouting Willie Mack for months and this opportunity could be all that Andy needs to stake his claim on Championship Wrestling From Hollywood and in the National Wrestling Alliance.
Make sure to be at the Oceanview Pavilion on October 28 to witness the first defense of the NWA National Championship!

Meet Cody Sunday Sept 16

Hollywood, CA (September 10, 2018) – Fresh off of “All In,” Ring of Honor Star and newly crowned NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Cody will be at Championship Wrestling from Hollywood on Sunday September 16 (3:30P bell) at the Oceanview Pavilion in Port Hueneme, CA. You’ll have your opportunity to meet “The American Nightmare” in person during a post-event photo opportunity. Admission to the television recording is free, but there is a $20.00 fee for the photo. We ask that you bring cash and you must use your own camera. The Oceanview Pavilion is located at 575 E. Surfside Dr. in the city of Port Hueneme. Seating is first come first serve. For news and information please follow @nwa and @cwfhollywood on Social Media.

Red Carpet Rumble: Soul Burners vs. Reno SCUM

Ryan Talyor and Tomaste, collectively known as the Soul Burners, have repeated one mantra as they’ve ascended the ranks of the United Wrestling Network tag team division: Progress not Perfection. Though it’s clear that the duo has grown as a team, the definitive marker of progress is resting around the waists of their opponents on Sunday, the Reno SCUM. Soul Burners will square off against Adam Thornstowe and Luster the Legend at the Red Carpet Rumble on August 26 with the United World Tag Team Championship on the line. caught up with Taylor and Tomaste to find out what they have planned to avoid the frustrations of their previous attempts to get the gold.
Soul Burners land a double team maneuver on Zicky Dice. (Photo by Devin Chen)
“Frustration is easy,” says Taylor easing into a deep stretch, “Patience is hard. Progress of any kind is a battle of time and persistence.” Persistence is not a new concept for the Soul Burners, who have fallen short on two title challenges against Reno SCUM on the program this year.
“It will take everything in our souls,” says Tomaste calmly smudging sage, “but after tomorrow at the Red Carpet Rumble, there will be new United World Tag Team Champions.”
Thornstowe launches off the back of Luster the Legend to stomp down on Ryan Taylor. (Photo by Devin Chen)
Will Ryan Taylor and Tomaste perfect their progress to the point of gold or will Luster the Legend and Adam Thornstowe crack their mindful skulls in?! Be at the Oceanview Pavilion on August 26 to see for yourself!

It’s Now Time for the Red Carpet Rumble!

Championship Wrestling from Hollywood shines an extra bright spotlight on the stars of wrestling at its Blockbuster Events every year. No Blockbuster Event is bigger than CWFH’s Red Carpet Rumble set to take place on August 26. In addition to the action-packed title bouts throughout the event, fans eyes are drawn to this yearly tradition for its Main Event: the Red Carpet Rumble match.
Hollywood Heritage Champion Willie Mack won the 2014 Red Carpet Rumble (Photo by Devin Chen)
Winning this thirty person Rumble grants the winner a title opportunity for the Hollywood Heritage Championship. With every elimination, each competitor left in the contest is one spot closer to victory. As good of a feeling as tossing someone out of the ring can be, this can be turned around with a sudden hoist of the tights and a flight over the top rope, spelling a trip to the locker room with nothing left but an empty heart. The stakes are high, but every winner will say that winning that match changed the course of their career permanently.
Winning the 2015 Red Carpet Rumble led to Peter Avalon’s record-breaking reign as Hollywood Heritage Champion.
Eighty percent of Red Carpet Rumble winners have gone on to win the Hollywood Heritage Championship. For several competitors, winning would mean their first match ever for the top title in Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. After failing to capitalize on last year’s win, Bateman is looking for redemption in the 2018 Red Carpet Rumble. Bad Dude Tito is clawing to get a guaranteed shot at Hollywood Heritage Champion Willie Mack, who has steered clear of “The Baddest Dude in Professional Wrestling” at every turn. Twenty-eight other participants are chomping at the bit to be broadcast as the next one to watch on television anywhere in the world.
The 2018 Red Carpet Rumble is proving to be a can’t-miss Blockbuster Event. Make sure to be at the Oceanview Pavilion on August 26 to see it live!

Red Carpet Rumble: Rosas vs. Isaacs

On his way to becoming United Television Champion, Ray Rosas stood across the ring from some of the most diverse competitors that the United Wrestling Network has to offer. He has overcome oddities like Oliver Grimsly, battled ultraviolent brutes like DJ Hyde, and gone toe-to-toe with world-class athletes like Scorpio Sky. But there’s one type of wrestler who the Television Champion has yet to conquer; the kind of man you can put a dollar sign on.
United Television Champion Ray Rosas (Photo by Devin Chen)
“I’ve spent countless hours training to get ready for all challengers and Royce Isaacs is no different,” explains Rosas, catching his breath between sprints. “I will not be outclassed or underprepared. I always step in the ring confident in my ability to win matches and with the support of my fans and the love of my family. That’s exactly what I’ll do this Sunday at the Red Carpet Rumble.”
Royce Isaacs, quick to downplay the hard work of the Champion, has suggested on more than one occasion that Rosas has gotten to where he has on mere luck alone. Isaacs, who has made himself into a major player across the United Wrestling Network in the last year alone, argues that what he has is worth more than luck.
Challenger Royce Isaacs recently picked up a victory over Joey Ryan (Photo by Jonathan King)
“At the end of the day luck is chaotic, it’s fleeting, and it’s uncontrollable. Money is a great way to feel like you actually have a grip on your life,” says Royce Isaacs, feeling fortunate enough to head into this title opportunity with high expectations for the results. “Lady Luck can be your mistress, but you should always come home to your riches at night. After I beat Ray Rosas at the Red Carpet Rumble on Sunday, I will be coming home to the United Television Championship.”
Royce Isaacs challenges Ray Rosas for the United Television Championship on August 26 at the Oceanview Pavilion as Championship Wrestling from Hollywood presents the Red Carpet Rumble!

Thompson Challenges MJF for CZW Gold on June 10

There may not be two promotions in the United Wrestling Network that are more different on the surface than Championship Wrestling From Hollywood and Combat Zone Wrestling. The bright lights of Hollywood are a far cry from the ultraviolent atmosphere created by the same company that is putting on Tournament of Death 17 the same weekend as Coastline Clash. But beneath the aesthetic differences in the companies lies something that the two share in common: a dedicated roster of the most talented pro wrestlers in the world. So with PP3 Cup Bearer Suede Thompson requesting a match against CZW World Champion Maxwell Jacob Friedman at Coastline Clash, many fans are wondering what such a matchup would bring to caught up with Suede Thompson to find out just why he decided on the CZW World title.
Suede Thompson with the PP3 Cup. (Photo by Devin Chen)
“Recognition,” says Thompson with a long exhale. Suede isn’t mistaken in targeting the Combat Zone in the pursuit of greater visibility. CZW has a history spanning two decades, so being the CZW World Champion would put Suede into an elite group of competitors such as Joe Gacy, Dean Ambrose, and Drew Gulak. This tenacity exhibited by Thompson may impress some, but it doesn’t begin to pique the interest of MJF.
CZW World Champion MJF (Photo by Beyond Gorilla).
“I’ve never I dabbed a day in my life,” says Friedman, adjusting his scarf. “I’ve never had a man bun. I’ve never had to call my self a Top Guy out loud because everybody knows I’m a Top guy. I’m better than Suede Thompson and he knows it. I know it. His mama even knows it. Those disgusting brainless CWFH fans are going to witness that positive mental awareness is no match to real talent.”
It will be East Coast versus West Coast as CZW World Champion MJF defends his title against Suede Thompson on June 10 at Coastline Clash. Be there!

The Best, The Mack, and The Scum

Coastline Clash is set to shine a spotlight on Championships visiting Hollywood from around the world. In the final stretch before the Blockbuster Event on June 10, let’s take a look at three huge Title matches that have a home in Championship Wrestling From Hollywood.

United Television Championship
Scorpio Sky is the only four time United Television Champion in history. Capturing the title from Rocky Romero at Milestone under questionable circumstances, Sky has had a mark on his fourth Television Title run. The Challenger Ray Rosas has been on a steady climb of momentum leading into this Sunday. After defeating both Watts and Dicky Mayer in a number One Contender’s Match, Rosas has been on a tear of huge wins in Hollywood, including a non-title victory over Scorpio Sky himself. If “The Next Best Thing” Chris Bey doesn’t get involved, we could be looking at a new United Television Champion.

United World Tag Team Championship
Reno Scum defeated the longest reigning Tag Team Champions Pac 3 to win the United World Tag Team Championship. To one-up that accomplishment, Adam Thornstowe and Luster the Legend made the Tag Team titles true World titles by successfully defending their championships in the historic CWFH broadcast from Wenzhou, China. Scum have a tall order in front of them on June 10, because at Coastline Clash they will put their titles on the line in a Four-Team Elimination Match. With teams like the RockNES Monsters, Soul Burners, and The Rancheros all vying for the richest team prize in the United Wrestling Network, Reno Scum’s days as World Tag Team Champions may be numbered.

Hollywood Heritage Championship
“Why Willie why?” wailed fans, aghast at what they saw the day that Willie Mack won the Championship that had always eluded him. Several weeks ago, viewers witnessed the impossible – Willie Mack cheated by putting his legs on the ropes to score a three count on the now former Hollywood Heritage Champion Bad Dude Tito. Tito hasn’t forgotten that and has invoked his rematch clause for a shot at Willie Mack at Coastline Clash. Can Bad Dude Tito contain himself long enough to become a two time Champion or will Willie Mack be bringing the title home safe to South Central Los Angeles?
There is nothing like seeing your favorite Championship Wrestling From Hollywood stars live, so come out to the Oceanview Pavilion on June 10 for Coastline Clash!

Mayer. Bateman. “I Quit.”

It all started at Milestone. In a 4-Way Dance pitting Ryan Taylor, Matt Knicks, Dicky Mayer and Bateman all against one another, Championship Wrestling From Hollywood fans saw the first the seeds of dismay sprout. As each man desperately fought to capture the single fall to victory, it appeared as though the “Main Man” had the contest in the bag. As Bateman reared back to deliver Death From Above to Matt Knicks, Dicky Mayer used the former United Television Champion’s own momentum to pull him backwards into a pin for a three count.
Bateman, Taylor, Mayer, and Knicks about to square off at Milestone. (Photo by Devin Chen)
Bateman did not take kindly to his loss at Milestone and immediately asked for a one-on-one match with Mayer in the following weeks. A physical contest between the two men ultimately ended with Bateman with his arm raised. But with each man at one win a piece, they had to break the tie. Bateman and Mayer locked horns once again, with “American Thunder” scoring the upset to tip the series in his favor. This was the straw that broke the Devil’s back, as Bateman unleashed a barrage of strikes on the unknowing Mayer before delivering a crippling blow with the ring steps.
Once Dicky was cleared to compete and Bateman returned from the suspension incurred from the unsportsman-like attack, Mayer wasted no time laying out a challenge to his rival for Coastline Clash. A match type where a quick pin couldn’t end it. Dicky asked for an “I Quit” match with Bateman to see who the real “Main Man” is. With such a stipulation in place, it raises the question “Can Dicky reach the point of giving up?”
Mayer scores an upset victory on the “Main Man.” (Photo by Devin Chen)
“When I think of this match I think of all my supporters,” says a reflective Mayer, “I think of the sacrifices we’ve had to make together for me to even be here. I think of my coaches and trainers and all of my influences. As a result of those, no, I am not capable of quitting.” With Dicky fighting with multitudes of supporters behind him, what lengths will Bateman go to in order to win this match?
Bateman sits proudly on the steps he is crushing Dicky Mayer under. (Photo by Devin Chen)
“I am going to hurt Dicky…badly,” says a collected Bateman. “He should’ve just done what I said and walked away when I kicked the steps into that big head of his. But if he wants to prove that he is a big man and belongs in my ring, he best show up on Sunday. But remember…he asked for this.”
On June 10 at the Oceanview Pavilion, the rivalry between Dicky Mayer and Bateman will be defined by two words. Five Letters. I Quit.