WATTS Defends Hollywood Heritage Championship at AZ150

WATTS outlasted 29 other competitors in the 2019 Red Carpet Rumble, including Hollywood Heritage Champion “Uptown” Andy Brown, to hold his hand high in victory. Winning this annual event has always brought luck to the victor, but in this case it also brought a Championship reign to the man called WATTS. With the Hollywood Heritage Title on the line in the Rumble match itself, the “Squash God” eliminated a record eleven other contenders before pinning the Champion to call himself the top dog in Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. With luck ever in his favor, WATTS must defend his newly won crown against the unpredictable Luchasaurus on September 14th at AZ150. 

Luchasaurus has (dino)soared into the pro wrestling spotlight over the last year in Main Events all over the world. The man who proclaims that he is “half dinosaur, half luchador” is a tough opponent for WATTS going into AZ150. Green hair and scales aside, Luchasaurus is an immensely powerful striker and can match the Hollywood Heritage Champion’s size and power – not something that any of WATTS’ recent opponents have been able to claim. Is WATTS’ new title reign in jeopardy?

WATTS and Luchasaurus stare each other down. (Photo by Hiban Huerta)

“I hope the building is reinforced,” warns WATTS, “because I’m going to beat Luchasaurus’ ass.” 

WATTS defends the Hollywood Heritage Championship against Luchasaurus at AZ150 on September 14 at the Nile Theater. Be there!

CWFH Star Becomes NWA Tag Team Champion

At the Crockett Cup, the first NWA World Tag Team Champions of the new era were crowned. United Wrestling Network Alumnus Brody King and his partner the not-quite-human PCO defeated Thom Latimer and United Television Champion Royce Isaacs in the tournament finals to become the new Tag Team Champions of the National Wrestling Alliance. After laying low for the summer, Brody and PCO  put their titles on the line in Chicago against the men that they put down to call the Crockett Cup their own. Take a look at the rematch, which has had fans in shock worldwide:

Web Exclusive NWA National Title Bout

Since defeating Colt Cabana for the NWA National Championship, “The Outlaw” James Storm has been making it clear that he’s not with the National Wrestling Alliance. James Storm returned to the NWA at Crockett Cup to make his mission statement known and announce that NWA Officials didn’t want him to go after the Ten Pounds of Gold. Now with NWA TV coming to Atlanta on Sept 30 and October 1, NWA National Champion James Storm is out to prove he’s not only the best wrestler in the world, but that he’s taking no prisoners. Watch the full match here, courtesy of the National Wrestling Alliance:

SCUM and ROCKNES Settle Their Score in a Cage at RCR!

“YUMA” and Kevin Martenson, VERMIN.

2019 has been a year of inquisition for the galaxy’s favorite space detectives, YUMA and BHK. The ROCKNES Monsters have been trying to solve the mystery of who attacked them backstage to keep them out of a highly anticipated United World Tag Team Championship bout months ago. The clues seemed to lead to VERMIN, a duo of body snatchers who have taken the forms of YUMA and BHK to wreak havoc and frame the former champions for their own misdeeds. Just when the detectives were about to crack the case, we received this transmission from VERMIN during a broadcast:


“We’ve seen a lot of things, but we still never saw that coming,” says a distraught YUMA. “Reno SCUM, you were two of our most powerful allies. Two of Earth’s most powerful allies. You betrayed us. You’ve broken our trust.” This kind of treachery demands retribution from the ROCKNES Monsters and is not something to be taken lightly. Already with a plan in mind, BHK offered these remarks to Adam Thornstowe and Luster the Legend.

“SCUM, we don’t know if you’re in cahoots with VERMIN or what, but we’re not going to be taking any chances. When we finally get you in the center of that ring at the Red Carpet Rumble, it’s gonna be surrounded by a Steel Cage!” HollywoodWrestling.com got in touch with Reno SCUM to get their answer to this violent challenge.

“ROCKNES, you want a cage match?” shouts Luster the Legend, “Yeah that sounds pretty fun. I think I want to do a cage match too!” With an approving nod from Adam Thornstowe, it was set. These two teams will meet in a Steel Cage at the Red Carpet Rumble!

Both teams have Cage Match experience all over the west coast. Longtime fans will remember ROCKNES Monsters having an infamous Steel Cage Match on the program against PPrAy years ago. We’ve also seen YUMA and BHK  (or possibly VERMIN) locked inside against teams like Los Luchas on more than one occasion. Luster the Legend and Adam Thornstowe have had their share of brutal Cage Matches themselves, leaving a trail of barbarity behind them while coming up victorious. Since anything can happen in this type of match, the Cage is reserved for foes looking to settle the score once and for all.

“We’re not looking for a war with Reno SCUM,” declares YUMA, matter-of-factly. “We’ve been in wars. This isn’t gonna be some war that lasts a long time. It’s gonna be one battle. We’re doing this once and we’re doing it right.”

You’re not going to want to miss a second of the action. Make sure to be at the Oceanview Pavilion on August 18th to see the ROCKNES Monsters take on the Reno SCUM inside a Steel Cage as Championship Wrestling from Hollywood presents the 2019 Red Carpet Rumble!

Free Admission. First Come First Seated. Doors 3pm. Card and talent subject to change.

Television Championship Bout Announced for RCR

“When I won the United Television Title for the fourth time, I solidified myself as THE BEST. But five? That is legendary greatness,” declares Scorpio Sky, still riding high off his record-breaking fifth title reign as Television Champion. Sky recently won the title in an impromptu match following a hard hitting bout between Royce Isaacs and Bateman. Following a well placed kick to the crotch with the referee’s back turned, Sky would once again call himself United Television Champion. But this title victory wasn’t going to sit quietly with former champions.

“After Bateman and I took each other neck-and-neck down the line, Sky could have moonwalked into the ring in street clothes and taken the TV title,” explains Royce Isaacs. “That’s not me though. That’s not what I want. Royce Isaacs wants Scorpio Sky at his best. I want him well rested, well fed, with a full training camp. I want no excuses.” Isaacs has been adamant as of late about winning his matches honestly, with no outside help or rule breaking. Since putting down tough opponents like Ranchero Rogelio in recent weeks, Royce has legitimate claim to be a title contender. But is Royce more deserving than former Champion Bateman, who has yet to receive his rematch?

Royce Isaacs as United Television Champion. (Photo by Devin Chen)

After considering these arguments, Nikko Marquez has decided to sanction a Triple Threat Match for the United Television Championship at Championship Wrestling from Hollywood‘s Red Carpet Rumble on August 18th. This type of bout puts Scorpio Sky at a sizable disadvantage. Not only does he have to defend his title against two opponents at once, but Sky does not even have to be involved in the decision to lose the Television Championship. Never before has Sky had so much to lose in such unpredictable circumstances and must prepare himself mentally in order to keep what he holds dear.

However, possibly the most desperate man in this contest is Bateman, who not only lost his TV Title to Scorpio Sky under dubious conditions, but also has lost his valet Sarah Wolfe due to the influence of the Upper Class. HollywoodWrestling.com caught up with Bateman to see which of his opponents at the Red Carpet Rumble will be his main target.

Bateman about to defend his TV Title against Royce Isaacs…and then Scorpio Sky! (Photo by Hiban Huerta)

“The focus is Scorpio Sky. I’ll do whatever I need to do to get my hands on him,” grumbles Bateman. “But Royce, with his rosy cheeks and his nose in the air all these months has forgotten one thing. You walk around with your nose in the air long enough, someone’s gunna come along and break it.”

United Television Champion Scorpio Sky isn’t phased by the comments of his opponents. As he heads into the Red Carpet Rumble on August 18th at the Oceanview Pavilion, Sky has these words to offer. “Anybody that wants to try and come take it from me, I invite you to do so. We all know how it’s going to end. Different opponent, same result. Get used to greatness.”

New United World Tag Team Champions Crowned

Soul Burners hug in victory. (Photo by Hiban Huerta)
At the July 28th Championship Wrestling from Hollywood Television Event, the Reno SCUM defended their United World Tag Team Championships against the formidable team of Ryan Taylor and Tomaste, better known as the Soul Burners. After being involved in several multi-team title matches, Taylor and Tomaste had been preparing for a direct shot at the Champs for months. What was set to be an exciting contest already, was made more exciting before the bell even rang with the appearance of former Tag Team Champions. 
ROCKNES Monsters (Photo by Devin Chen)
ROCKNES Monsters have had a bone to pick with Thornstowe and Luster since they were mysteriously attacked backstage months ago. The reappearance of VERMIN brought a red herring to the trail, but before long YUMA and BHK learned the truth about the United World Tag Team Champions. With intergalactic injustice rampant, the ROCKNES Monsters opted to get involved with the bout on July 28th before it even began. CWFH officials kept the teams apart, but this distraction may have been the opening that the Soul Burners needed.
United World Tag Team Champion Tomaste (Photo by Hiban Huerta)
 Taylor and Tomaste have had a stop and go run at the United tag team division since joining forces last year. Ryan Taylor, a former tag champion himself with Joey Ryan, has been trying to get back to the gold since 2017. An unlucky teaming with Dicky Mayer led him to finding energy with Tomaste unlike any partner he has had to date. Tomaste has suffered injuries keeping him out of action for different lengths of time over the last calendar year. Any amount of momentum gained by the Soul Burners was cut off with these lapses in active competition. With both men healthy and on the same page, Taylor and Tomaste were able to capitalize on the momentary lack of focus from Adam Thornstowe and Luster the Legend to capture the United World Tag Team Championship on July 28th. The staff at HollywoodWrestling.com congratulate the Soul Burners on their win and looks forward to future defenses.

Impact Wrestling’s California Summer Tour

Tickets are now on sale for Impact Wrestling’s California Summer Tour! Click here for all events and check out each event below!

On Friday August 2nd, Impact Wrestling presents Unbreakable at the Esports Arena in Santa Ana, CA. This event will air live on Impact+ so no one will miss a moment of the action! Get your Unbreakable tickets here!

On Saturday, August 3rd, Impact Wrestling presents Star Struck from the Florentine Gardens right in the heart of Hollywood, CA. This event will air live on Twitch, so be there or tune in because you never know which stars might walk in off of Hollywood Blvd! Get your Star Struck tickets here!

On Sunday, August 4th, Impact Wrestling will be recording the flagship Impact Wrestling program from the Oceanview Pavilion in Port Hueneme, CA! Come be a part of the first ever Impact Wrestling television tapings in California and see the action before it hits the airwaves! Get your Impact Wrestling tickets here!
These events will feature the stars of Impact Wrestling including Impact World Champion Brian Cage, World Tag Team Champions The North, Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie, X-Division Champion Rich Swann, and many more! Get your tickets now!

New Matches Announced for June 2

On the heels of the blockbuster Coastline Clash, Championship Wrestling from Hollywood is proud to return to the Oceanview Pavilion on Sunday June 2nd for it’s next Television Event. Your favorite CWFH stars will be appearing for what is set to be a can’t-miss event. Here are some matches that have been announced:

“Uptown” Andy Brown will be putting the Hollywood Heritage Championship on the line against Robert Baines. Brown has been busy successfully defending his title, earning the reputation he touts as a fighting champion. Baines hasn’t been seen in Hollywood since his brutal Cage Match against Gentleman Jervis at Episode 400. What will the challenger be bringing from the Baines Compound to do away with Andy Brown?

A chaotic 8-Man Tag Team Attraction has been signed encompassing of the four teams that have been clawing to call themselves United World Tag Team Champions. After a bonkers Four Way Elimination Match at Coastline Clash, these teams meet again under different circumstances. ROCKNES Monsters team with the United World Tag Team Champions Reno SCUM to square off against Double Platinum and the Soul Burners. Will these titans be able to work together or will their chemistry prove to be too combustible?

Bateman grimaces while fighting to escape the grasp of Royce Isaacs. (Photo by Hiban Huerta)

Just signed! Royce Isaacs will be exercising his rematch clause to challenge the NEW United Television Champion Bateman. Royce thought he had Bateman put away when he scored a three count on the “King of the Crossroads” at Coastline Clash. Unfortunately for Mr. Isaacs, Bateman still had the PP3 Cup up his sleeve. With Bateman now holding the United Television Title, Royce has become desperate to regain what he lost. Will desperate times call for desperate measures?

More matches will be announced at the event, so make sure to get to the Oceanview Pavilion early on June 2nd to catch every moment of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood!

CWFH Premieres on MyLV TV in Las Vegas

Hollywood comes to Sin City this week as Championship Wrestling from Hollywood presented by Avati Auto Group premieres Saturday at 11pm on MyLV TV. Las Vegas has always had an active pro wrestling community and fans of our programming have been clamoring to bring CWFH to the airwaves in the “Silver State.” The flagship show of the United Wrestling Network, which has aired over 400 episodes, will follow Ring of Honor in the new timeslot.
Many United Wrestling Network stars call Nevada their home including Suede Thompson, Damien Drake, and “Professional” Peter Avalon. Supporters of these athletes can now root for their hometown heroes from the comforts of their living rooms. Fans can expect to see more Vegas talents on television going forward.
For any newer fans looking to catch up on the program before Saturday, episodes of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood are available for free streaming on FITE.tv  Follow @CWFHollywood on social media and check back with HollywoodWrestling.com for news, upcoming events, and how to watch Championship Wrestling from Hollywood in your area.