NJPW Young Lions in action at Milestone

By Bobby Rockman

This Sunday December 9th at the annual Blockbuster Television Event Milestone, the United Wrestling Network and New Japan Pro Wrestling are proud to showcase two matches featuring three Young Lions from the NJPW LA Dojo. Will they be able to impress head trainer Katsuyori Shibata as he watches on in attendance?
Current Young Lions Trainer and former United Television Champion Scorpio Sky with Head Trainer Katsuyori Shibata at the NJPW LA Dojo.
First, in a tag team match two tough competitors who have been making a name for themselves over the last few months Clark Connors and Alex Coughlin will team together to take on two of Championship Wrestling From Hollywood’s best: fast rising star Adrian Quest and former UWN Television Champion Ray Rosas. Connors and Coughlin were featured in a special attraction singles contest at the most recent NJPW event at the Walter Pyramid in Long Beach. Can these two sparring partners come together as one cohesive unit to take down two of the most athletic competitors in CWFH history or will Rosas and Quest “win one for the homies”?
Karl Fredericks soars onto Zicky Dice. (Photo by Devin Chen)
Also in action will be Bateman, who goes one-on-one with the returning NJPW Young Lion Karl Fredericks. Considered one of the top blue chip athletes in professional wrestling today, Fredericks has always been an impressive competitor inside the squared circle. Can Karl bring glory and honor to the NJPW LA Dojo or will former Red Carpet Rumble Champion Bateman send Fredericks packing with a “Chelsea Smile”?
Join us for the Blockbuster Television Event Milestone at the Oceanview Pavillion on December 9th at 3 pm!

“The Killer Bae” Meets Her Match in Ayoka at Milestone

“I have every intention of beating Heather Monroe down and humbling her on one of the biggest events of the year,” says Ayoka Muhara, determined to make her presence felt at Milestone on December 9th. 2018 has been a tough year for Muhara, who came back from an injured orbital bone to build tremendous momentum in the second half of the year on Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. Fans of our program haven’t seen a wrestler with the power of Ayoka since long before Heather Monroe’s rise to stardom. With the strict training regimen that Muhara has adopted in preparation for this match combined with her hard-hitting offense in the ring, all eyes will be glued to this bout to see if she will be the one to knock Heather on her hindquarters. HollywoodWrestling.com caught up with “The Killer Bae” to ask if she thinks that Ayoka just might have her number.
“The Killer Bae” Heather Monroe. (Photo by Jonathan King)
“Ayoka couldn’t even dream about being on my level,” snaps Monroe. “So no, she doesn’t have my number. She has strength on her side, but brains over brawn always.” Heather Monroe has used those brains to pick up some major victories in 2018 against names like Shotzi Blackheart, Zaida, and most notably Barbi Hayden on the historic United Wrestling Network broadcast from Wenzhou, China. If Heather wants to overcome the strength of her opponent, she will have to be thinking steps ahead of Ayoka or she will fall victim to the running powerslam that left Monroe laying the last time these competitors met.
Ayoka Muhara refuses to quit against international star Indi Hartwell. (Photo by Jonathan King)
Winning at Milestone will set the pace for 2019 and will be a launching pad into the next step of the winner’s career. It will be a must-win situation for Ayoka Muhara and a can’t-lose situation for Heather Monroe. Who will leave the Oceanview Pavilion with her hand raised? Make sure to be there live on December 9th as Championship Wrestling from Hollywood presents Milestone!

An Exclusive Message from the Hollywood Heritage Champion

“This is what being Hollywood Heritage Champion is like, Andy Brown,” says a stern Royce Isaacs. “It’s the most competitive job you can imagine and every day you have to put your resume down and say ‘I am the best wrestler in the world.’ And every day you have to get selected for that job again.”
Life at the top can be lonely for the holder of both the United Television Championship and the Hollywood Heritage Title, Royce Isaacs. Since Jamie Iovine chose a Ladder Match as the stipulation for the title bout at Milestone on December 9, Royce has begun to show more of a mean streak than we’ve ever seen before. See below for his full comments towards his opponent at Milestone, “Uptown” Andy Brown:

Make sure to be at the Oceanview Pavillion on December 9 at 3pm as Championship Wrestling From Hollywood presents Milestone!

Mack’s Milestone Challenger Announced

Fans of the NWA have been waiting patiently to learn who the National Champion Willie Mack will be defending his title against on December 9th at Championship Wrestling From Hollywood’s Milestone. Over the past 24 hours, rumors began to stir that about who that competitor would be and now all rumors have been silenced thanks to an official announcement late last night. Here is the full statement, courtesy of the National Wrestling Alliance:

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Relentless: A CWFH Weekend Preview

The weekend is here and that means that it is time to sit back and enjoy another hour of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood! On this week’s broadcast we will see an encounter between “Professional” Peter Avalon and Bateman. The last time we saw these men in the ring together, there was as much action happening between their ringside companions as there was between these two competitors. Nikko Marquez, who has accompanied Avalon to the ring for years has managed to run afoul of Bateman’s valet, Sarah Wolfe. Nikko and Peter have even gone to the lengths of putting their hands on Wolfe in an effort to avoid Bateman. The “King of the Crossroads” didn’t take kindly to this and now Peter Avalon will have to step in the ring once again with Bateman. How will Nikko Marquez and Sarah Wolfe be a factor in this match?
Bateman and Sarah Wolfe
Next on the program, we have a Featured Challenge Match airing from the United Wrestling Network International WrestleCenter. We’ve seen things heating up between Bad Dude Tito and “Relentless” Douglas James for weeks now. Last week Tito issued a challenge to Douglas to meet him at the WrestleCenter to see how tough he really is. This week Douglas James answers the call as we present exclusive coverage of Douglas James vs Bad Dude Tito.
Hawaiian Lion and Navajo Warrior, The Tribe. (Photo courtesy of Steve Islas)
In our Main Event, the longest reigning Heritage Tag Team Champions in history, The Tribe, go for the gold as they take on the United World Tag Team Champions Reno SCUM. These two teams have been staples of the Tag Team ranks for a decade and yet have never squared off against each other until this title bout. Navajo Warrior and Hawaiian Lion have been tearing through teams on Championship Wrestling from Arizona and now that they’ve returned to Hollywood, they have no interest in returning to the Grand Canyon State empty handed. Will The Tribe be able to capture the United World Tag Team Championship or will Luster the Legend and Adam Thornstowe hold true to their declaration of being Champions forever? Tune in for this week’s episode of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood!

Watch the First NWA National Title Defense

The NWA National Championship is set to be defended next at Championship Wrestling from Hollywood’s Milestone on December 9th. Fans in attendance recently saw the very first defense live at a television event in Port Hueneme, CA. Now, for the first time before it airs on television, take a look at Willie Mack putting his Championship on the line, courtesy of the National Wrestling Alliance:

Make sure to be at the Oceanview Pavilion on December 9th to catch the next bout for the NWA National Championship!

NWA Returns at Milestone

NWA National Champion Willie Mack.
There will be two huge title defenses at Milestone that are sanctioned by the National Wrestling Alliance. First, the newly crowned NWA National Champion Willie Mack is scheduled to make a defense. Mack won the National Championship at the NWA 70 event and has been on a hot streak ever since. We’ve seen Willie’s first successful defense against Andy Brown on Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, but the NWA has kept the identity of Mack’s opponent for Milestone a secret. HollywoodWrestling.com reached out to get an answer on the opponent, but NWA President William Patrick Corgan was not available for comment. In order to find out who the opponent is, you must be at the Oceanview Pavilion on December 9th!
Bad Dude Tito (Photo by Devin Chen)
The “Ten Pounds of Gold” makes its in-ring return to Hollywood for the first time since Coastline Clash. “National Treasure” Nick Aldis will be putting his Worlds Heavyweight Championship on the line against a worthy opponent: former Hollywood Heritage Champion Bad Dude Tito. Aldis is dead set on reinstating the reign of the Aldis Crusade – a powerful succession of title defenses that has defined 2018 for the “National Treasure.” If there is anyone who can put a stop to a historic Championship reign, it is Bad Dude Tito, who in 2017 ended “Professional” Peter Avalon’s 600+ day run as Hollywood Heritage Champion. If Aldis prepares appropriately, he will step into the ring with Tito expecting a brawl, not a wrestling match. This bout could be the physical limit that knocks the Champion off his pedestal, only to be replaced by the “Baddest Dude in Professional Wrestling” with the “Ten Pounds of Gold” around his waist.
Be at the Oceanview Pavilion on December 9th as Championship Wrestling From Hollywood and the National Wrestling Alliance present Milestone!

Last Chance: A CWFH Weekend Preview

There’s a lot to be thankful for this week including a brand new episode of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood! We kick off this program with “Young Fuego” Adrian Quest stepping into the ring against New York’s Vinny Pacifico. The big slugger from the Big Apple looks to score a win on one of Hollywood’s brightest stars today. What will happen when East Coast meets Quest Coast?
Adrian Quest (Photo by Devin Chen)
On this television hour, we will hear from former Hollywood Heritage Champion Bad Dude Tito. Animosity has been running high between the Bad Dude and “Relentless” Douglas James since the Red Carpet Rumble. What will Tito have to say to James when our broadcast correspondents get a word with “The Baddest Dude in Professional Wrestling”?
Bad Dude Tito (Photo by Devin Chen)
In our Main Event, it will be Ray Rosas’ last chance at the United Television Championship as he challenges Royce Isaacs. After chasing Scorpio Sky for the first half of 2018, Rosas captured the United Television Title this summer at Coastline Clash. Rosas had several successful defenses before falling victim to a fireball to the face at the hands of Oliver Grimsly at Championship Wrestling from Arizona’s AZ100, which cost him the Championship. Ray’s one-on-one rematch against Grimsly was muddied when Jamie Iovine struck a deal to insert Royce Isaacs into the match as well. Royce was able to capitalize on Rosas’ hard work in the match and got away the new Television Champion. Despite Ray’s best efforts, he keeps coming up short. Never to be discouraged, Ray Rosas asked for one more opportunity at becoming Champion. Ray got what he asked for, but it came with a price. This will be Ray Rosas’ last opportunity at competing for the United Television Championship. Will Rosas pull out all the stops to reclaim the Television Title or will Royce Isaacs silence him once again with Hush Money? Tune in to Championship Wrestling from Hollywood this week and find out!

Heritage Title to be Defended in Ladder Match at Milestone

By Bobby Rockman
Number One Contender “Uptown” Andy Brown (Photo by Devin Chen)
The road to Milestone has been filled with many obstacles for the 2018 Red Carpet Rumble winner, “Uptown” Andy Brown. However, on December 9th it will be taken to new heights when Brown challenges Royce Isaacs for the Hollywood Heritage Championship in a Ladder Match.
Jamie Iovine, on behalf of his client Royce Isaacs, has accepted the challenge that was laid down by Andy Brown on a recent episode of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood.  Isaacs, who won the Hollywood Heritage Championship by defeating Brown thanks to an assist from Iovine and the United Television Championship, will make his first title defense at Milestone. The determination of Andy Brown continues to show, as he has been chomping at the bit to get a fair title opportunity in CWFH by any means necessary. Bold men do bold things and Andy has gone as far as to allow Jamie Iovine to name the stipulation for the title match.
Royce Isaacs and Jamie Iovine. (Photo by Jonathan King)
“Andy, you’ve had so many goals in front of you lately that you’ve fallen short on,” says Iovine while comforting his dog D’Artagnan. “You just can’t reach it, can you? So how about we give you an actual goal? Something you can actually touch. At Milestone, the Hollywood Heritage Title will hang above the ring because it is going to be a Ladder Match.”
Willie Mack reaches for the gold in the only other CWFH Ladder Match to date.
For the first time ever the Hollywood Heritage Championship will be defended in a ladder match. This will be only the second ever ladder match in CWFH history; the first one occurring in 2012, when Willie Mack defeated Scorpio Sky to claim the United Television Championship. In a seemingly serendipitous turn of fate, the Hollywood Heritage Title match at Milestone came as a result of Nikko Marquez stripping Willie Mack of the same Championship.  As Jamie Iovine gets his Champion prepared for this Blockbuster Event, he had these parting words for the the Number One Contender:
“Don’t forget, Andy: You’ll be in there with Royce Isaacs and he’s not going to let his title go anywhere…and you can put a dollar sign on that!”
Can “Uptown” Andy Brown finally achieve his dream and dethrone the Hollywood Heritage Champion Royce Isaacs or will Brown be silenced with some Hush Money? Join us December 9th at the Oceanview Pavilion for our next Blockbuster Event, Milestone!

Ray Rosas’ Last Chance

Everything that Ray Rosas has accomplished at Championship Wrestling From Hollywood he has gained through hard work and tenacity. He spent months in the hunt for the United Television Title. When he was finally able to defeat Scorpio Sky for that Championship, Ray was eager to defend it all over the United Wrestling Network. After an unfortunate trip to Championship Wrestling From Arizona and a fireball to the face from Oliver Grimsly, Rosas found himself without the title he fought so valiantly to win.
Luckily for Ray, a champion always has their rematch clause. Once back in Hollywood, Ray Rosas got his rematch against Grimsly, but with a twist. Due to some meddling from Jamie Iovine, Royce Isaacs was inserted into the Television Title match and escaped as the new Champion. Since that match counted as Rosas’ rematch clause, he will be granted only one more shot at Isaacs and that’s it.
Royce Isaacs holds both the United Television Title and the Hollywood Heritage Championship.
October 28 will be Ray’s last chance at the United Television Title. Will he make it worth it?