CWFH Forms Working Relationship with China’s MKW

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – For nearly a decade, Championship Wrestling from Hollywood has brought some of the most exciting wrestling in the United States to home viewers across the country, partnering with various high-profile wrestling organizations, including Combat Zone Wrestling and the National Wrestling Alliance.
CWFH is pleased to announce their newest partnership, entering a working relationship with China’s Middle Kingdom Wrestling – 摔角王国. In partnering with CWFH, MKW plans to accelerate its commitment to broadcasting all of the promotion’s major events on the top live streaming networks in the Chinese market.As one of the first official acts in this partnership, CWFH is proud to send former United World Tag Team Champion Dicky Mayer overseas in order to spend valuable ring time with the stars of Middle Kingdom Wrestling. Following CWFH’s annual blockbuster, Coastline Clash, Mayer will spend two months in China, simultaneously honing his craft as well as imparting his knowledge, before returning Stateside.

Dicky Mayer (right) will be the first CWFH competitor to work with MKW. (Photo by Hiban Huerta)

Having aired over 400 episodes on over 120 television stations, cable channels and satellite channels, CWFH and its parent organization, the United Wrestling Network, are thrilled to share their broadcast expertise with MKW’s production team.

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400: A CWFH Weekend Preview

Milestone is in the books and we’re marching into 2019 on Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. Fresh off the heels of that Blockbuster Event is another huge milestone: Episode 400! Take a look as Todd Keneley, Jonny Loquasto, and Stu Stone preview this landmark episode:

Jamie Iovine Addresses Andy Brown and ROCKNES MONSTERS

It has been a difficult few weeks for Jamie Iovine leading up to and following Championship Wrestling from Hollywood’s 400th Episode. After a very eventful 2018, things have turned an ugly corner for the boastful businessman. Iovine has made good on many of his promises in the past, so what could this stern warning to the United World Tag Team Champions and the Hollywood Heritage Champion bring? See the footage below:

Watch Bad Dude Tito Challenge for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship!

Milestone was jam-packed with huge moments and dream match ups. For Bad Dude Tito, it was his chance to add his name to the list of professional wrestling’s elite by capturing the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship. Will the “Baddest Dude in Professional Wrestling” walk away with the “Ten Pounds of Gold” or will the “National Treasure” Nick Aldis keep the former Hollywood Heritage Champion at bay? Watch the whole match below:

CWFH Celebrates 400 Episodes, A New Time in Los Angeles

Hollywood, CA (January 7, 2019) – In 2010, Championship Wrestling from Hollywood (CWFH) premiered on KDOC-TV in Los Angeles and for the past 8 years the Southern California broadcast has become somewhat of a model for pro wrestling television efforts all over the world. Today the company is pleased to announce the hour long episodic program is moving times on KDOC-TV. Starting January 26 our programming will be found at 1:00A following ABC7 Eyewitness News.

“In television it’s all about the lead in and I couldn’t ask for a better lead in than what I consider is the best TV/Media brand in SoCal, ‘Eyewitness News’. Championship Wrestling from Hollywood has been a leader in televised pro wrestling for the better part of a decade. We’ve been instrumental in developing some of the most recognized talents in the business worldwide and it is my hope that this move provides the current crop of talent viewership in the second largest media market in the country like we’ve never enjoyed before.” stated CWFH Owner and Executive Producer David Marquez.

On 1/26 we’ll present our 400th broadcast that features United Wrestling Network Television and Hollywood Heritage Champion Royce Isaacs with Jamie Iovine, “Bad Dude” Tito, Ryan Taylor, Heather Monroe, Fidel Bravo, a Main Event United Wrestling Network World Tag Team Championship decision between Double Platinum and The RockNES Monsters and more!

If you’re not in the Los Angeles area CWFH is distributed to over 120 domestic and international broadcast, satellite and online outlets including FITE. To find CWFH in your area please visit or follow us on Instagram/Twitter @CWFHollywood.

Qualified: A CWFH Weekend Preview

As 2018 comes to a close, Championship Wrestling from Hollywood is already looking forward the New Year. Grab a cup of hot cocoa and cuddle up with your favorite blanket as you catch this week’s episode! This edition kicks off with Fidel Bravo stepping into the ring with “Uptown” Andy Brown. Two weeks ago we saw Bravo qualify for the 2019 PP3 Cup Tournament by picking up a win over Vintage Dragon. Andy Brown is focused on his Hollywood Heritage Championship Ladder Match next week at Milestone. Is Fidel getting too big for his chones or will “Uptown” Andy Brown be too distracted thinking about Royce Isaacs to defeat “El Bravo”?

Pinx chokes Andy Brown on the ropes while Bravo has the referee’s attention.

Next we will see a featured Women’s Division matchup as Ayoka Muhara takes on Australian stand out Indi Hartwell. Hartwell recently picked up a sweet win against the confectionary competition of Zaida. As Muhara looks towards her Milestone opponent Heather Monroe, a win on an international star would surely drive home a message to “The Killer Bae.” Will Hartwell continue to live up to her “impressive” moniker or will Ayoka Muhara leave her opponent laying with the Powerslam?

Ayoka Muhara begins to fight back against international star Indi Hartwell. (Photo by Jonathan King)

In our Main Event, the next entrant into the 2019 PP3 Cup Tournament will be decided in a Four Way Dance! It will be former Hollywood Heritage Champion Bad Dude Tito versus former United Television Champion BHK versus former CWFH Triple Crown Winner and the first PP3 Cup Bearer Ryan Taylor vs “Young Fuego” Adrian Quest. Quest has the biggest hill to climb in this Main Event, as he must take down a who’s who of Hollywood. Taylor knows the inner workings of Bad Dude Tito and BHK, but could he be too concerned with the disappearance of his partner Tomaste to focus? Is BHK too wrapped up in the investigation of Vermin to capitalize on this opportunity? Will Bad Dude Tito be able to set aside thoughts of NWA gold that await him at Milestone and qualify for a chance at a guaranteed title shot of his choice? Tune in to this week’s edition of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood and find out!

Last Chance: A CWFH Weekend Preview

There’s a lot to be thankful for this week including a brand new episode of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood! We kick off this program with “Young Fuego” Adrian Quest stepping into the ring against New York’s Vinny Pacifico. The big slugger from the Big Apple looks to score a win on one of Hollywood’s brightest stars today. What will happen when East Coast meets Quest Coast?

Adrian Quest (Photo by Devin Chen)

On this television hour, we will hear from former Hollywood Heritage Champion Bad Dude Tito. Animosity has been running high between the Bad Dude and “Relentless” Douglas James since the Red Carpet Rumble. What will Tito have to say to James when our broadcast correspondents get a word with “The Baddest Dude in Professional Wrestling”?

Bad Dude Tito (Photo by Devin Chen)

In our Main Event, it will be Ray Rosas’ last chance at the United Television Championship as he challenges Royce Isaacs. After chasing Scorpio Sky for the first half of 2018, Rosas captured the United Television Title this summer at Coastline Clash. Rosas had several successful defenses before falling victim to a fireball to the face at the hands of Oliver Grimsly at Championship Wrestling from Arizona’s AZ100, which cost him the Championship. Ray’s one-on-one rematch against Grimsly was muddied when Jamie Iovine struck a deal to insert Royce Isaacs into the match as well. Royce was able to capitalize on Rosas’ hard work in the match and got away the new Television Champion. Despite Ray’s best efforts, he keeps coming up short. Never to be discouraged, Ray Rosas asked for one more opportunity at becoming Champion. Ray got what he asked for, but it came with a price. This will be Ray Rosas’ last opportunity at competing for the United Television Championship. Will Rosas pull out all the stops to reclaim the Television Title or will Royce Isaacs silence him once again with Hush Money? Tune in to Championship Wrestling from Hollywood this week and find out!

The Best, The Mack, and The Scum

Coastline Clash is set to shine a spotlight on Championships visiting Hollywood from around the world. In the final stretch before the Blockbuster Event on June 10, let’s take a look at three huge Title matches that have a home in Championship Wrestling From Hollywood.

United Television Championship
Scorpio Sky is the only four time United Television Champion in history. Capturing the title from Rocky Romero at Milestone under questionable circumstances, Sky has had a mark on his fourth Television Title run. The Challenger Ray Rosas has been on a steady climb of momentum leading into this Sunday. After defeating both Watts and Dicky Mayer in a number One Contender’s Match, Rosas has been on a tear of huge wins in Hollywood, including a non-title victory over Scorpio Sky himself. If “The Next Best Thing” Chris Bey doesn’t get involved, we could be looking at a new United Television Champion.

United World Tag Team Championship
Reno Scum defeated the longest reigning Tag Team Champions Pac 3 to win the United World Tag Team Championship. To one-up that accomplishment, Adam Thornstowe and Luster the Legend made the Tag Team titles true World titles by successfully defending their championships in the historic CWFH broadcast from Wenzhou, China. Scum have a tall order in front of them on June 10, because at Coastline Clash they will put their titles on the line in a Four-Team Elimination Match. With teams like the RockNES Monsters, Soul Burners, and The Rancheros all vying for the richest team prize in the United Wrestling Network, Reno Scum’s days as World Tag Team Champions may be numbered.

Hollywood Heritage Championship
“Why Willie why?” wailed fans, aghast at what they saw the day that Willie Mack won the Championship that had always eluded him. Several weeks ago, viewers witnessed the impossible – Willie Mack cheated by putting his legs on the ropes to score a three count on the now former Hollywood Heritage Champion Bad Dude Tito. Tito hasn’t forgotten that and has invoked his rematch clause for a shot at Willie Mack at Coastline Clash. Can Bad Dude Tito contain himself long enough to become a two time Champion or will Willie Mack be bringing the title home safe to South Central Los Angeles?
There is nothing like seeing your favorite Championship Wrestling From Hollywood stars live, so come out to the Oceanview Pavilion on June 10 for Coastline Clash!

CWFH to Host the Silver Spotlight Tournament on May 5

Ryan Morals has made a lot of promises over the last several months. He has kept two of them for sure. The first was usurping Peter Avalon as the Head Matchmaker for Championship Wrestling From Arizona. The second promise Morals has made good on is taking his show on the road. On Saturday, May 5, 2018, the newly renamed Ryan J Morals Championship Wrestling Hour for Good Boys will hold its first ever Silver Spotlight Tournament at the Oceanview Pavilion in Port Hueneme, CA. The Silver Spotlight winner will be granted a title shot at any time that he chooses on a future episode of program. With stakes that high, this surely will be a can’t-miss event. Make sure to be at the Oceanview Pavilion on May 5th as The Ryan J Morals Championship Wrestling Hour for Good Boys presents the Silver Spotlight Tournament! Special 5pm belltime.

Also on the event:

Arizona State Championship

Watts vs. Gino Rivera (c)

What happened to Bateman?

By Weston Browning

Bateman towers over a prone Dicky Mayer. (Photo by Devin Chen)

Here at Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, one name strikes fear and intimidation into the hearts of competitors from all across the globe. When the bell tolls, that name belongs to the man called Bateman. A man of many monikers, Bateman has spent years cementing his name as one of the deadliest strikers in CWFH history.  With an attack like the Death from Above, it’s not uncommon to see the “Main Man’s” opponents left unconscious in the ring. Despite his aggressive nature, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who would claim that Bateman has ever gone too far. That is until a recent turn of events with Hollywood favorite, Dicky Mayer.

Dicky Mayer may have bitten off more than he can chew. (Photo by Devin Chen)

Dicky Mayer has been on a run like no other the last several months from the United Wrestling Network to the world over. In his rookie year, we saw the grappler clad in blue win the PP3 Cup and the United World Tag Team Championships before his mentor Ryan Taylor sent Mayer to the land of the rising sun to further his training. When Mayer returned to CWFH, one thing was certain: He was ready for action and hungry for competition. They say you should be careful what you wish for because you just might get it. Mayer’s call for competition was answered in the form of the Handsome Devil himself, Bateman.
In recent weeks we’ve seen several confrontations between the “King of the Crossroads” and “American Thunder.” No matter what the pairing, the two seem to gravitate towards each other, much to the annoyance of Mr. Bateman. It seems that Dicky has had Bateman’s number on more than one occasion, scoring multiple quick roll up victories on the man with the mustache. Each loss dug further and further under Bateman’s skin until finally driving him over the edge as we saw on a recent episode of the program. The usually calculated Bateman snapped, unleashing a hate-filled barrage of forearms onto the unsuspecting Mayer. The heinous, vicious attack on Dicky left him in a broken pile under the stairs.

Bateman sits proudly on the steps he is crushing Dicky Mayer under. (Photo by Devin Chen)

Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Minority Owner Nikko Marquez elected to suspend Bateman for 30 days in light of the unsportsman-like conduct. Dicky has been on rest since suffering head trauma at the hands of the “Main Man.” As Bateman prepares to return to Hollywood in the next few weeks, we have to ask ourselves: Was it worth it? How will Dicky respond? What will Nikko Marquez do to keep these men under control?
For more updates on Bateman’s suspension, Dicky Mayer’s condition, and upcoming events, check back with