This is Los Angeles: A CWFH Weekend Preview

Buddy Royal takes a bite out of his opponent to escape the grasp of Ryan Taylor. (Photo by Devin Chen)
The weekend is here and it’s time to find peace with a brand new episode of Championship Wrestling From Hollywood! Speaking of peace, the mindful duo of Ryan Taylor and Tomaste are looking to find peace by defeating the team that snuck away with a victory the last time they met: Classic Connection! Buddy Royal and Levi Shapiro step back into the ring intent on stomping out the open-toed technicians and bring yet another victory home for The Office? Who will get their hands raised and jump ahead in the CWFH tag team division?
Howdy! The Rancheros return to CWFH. (Photo by Devin Chen)
Howdy Price and his Rancheros return to the program for the first time since unmasking Spirit and the Stars several weeks ago. Where has the giant gentleman been and what does he plan to do next with his masked assassins? Find out this week!
Referee Jeremy Marcus checks on challenger Kevin Condron. (Photo by Devin Chen)
In our Main Event, a long anticipated matchup for the Hollywood Heritage Championship takes place. In what many consider a match that can only happen in Championship Wrestling From Hollywood, Kevin Condron challenges Bad Dude Tito for the richest prize in the company. Spectators claim that Condron has been handed everything that Tito had to work for, including a shot at the Hollywood Heritage Championship. Will Condron’s mettle prove that a kid from the West Side is truly better than a street fighter from Whittier? Bad Dude Tito puts everything on the line in the Main Event of this week’s Championship Wrestling From Hollywood!

Oliver Grimsly returns April 15

Scorpio Sky can be a tough man to pin down. The United Television Champion has made a habit out of finding excuses not to defend his title as of late. Anything from a painful eyebrow threading to just not feeling like showing up to the building have kept Scorpio Sky out of dodge and have inflamed his contenders. The Television Championship is defended at all United Wrestling Network promotions, so when Sky isn’t even interested in leaving Hollywood, his title contenders are left without the opportunity that they have earned. If Sky won’t come to them, well, they have resolved to go to him. Oliver Grimsly returns to Championship Wrestling From Hollywood on April 15 in search of Scorpio Sky.
Four Time United Wrestling Network Television Champion Scorpio Sky. (Photo by Devin Chen)
“I’ve hurt men worse over smaller things,” screams a tormented Oliver Grimsly while waving a crowbar, “Scorpio Sky has what’s mine and I’m coming to take it away!” Grimsly hasn’t been seen in CWFH since the summer of 2017. He has spent that time away decimating opponents on Championship Wrestling From Arizona with his trusty crowbar, leading to suspensions on more than one occasion. If he isn’t able to take the Television Title away from Scorpio Sky, there very well may be a team of men in white coats coming to take Oliver away.
#1 Contender to the United Television Championship, Ray Rosas. (Photo by Devin Chen)
Oliver won’t be the only man in Hollywood on April 15 with a rightful claim to a shot at the United Television Champion. Viewers will note that Ray Rosas has been chomping at the bit for all of 2018 to get the title match that he earned by beating both Watts and Dicky Mayer. Rosas has been made aware of Grimsly’s presence at the Television Event this Sunday and has personally asked for a match against the “Circus Freak.” If he wants to get to Scorpio Sky, Oliver Grimsly will have to square off with Ray Rosas on April 15. Make sure to be at the Oceanview Pavilion this Sunday to see it live!

Adrian Quest vs. Chris Bey April 15

Championship Wrestling From Hollywood is a place for young talents to make a name for themselves on television. Wrestlers like Peter Avalon and Dicky Mayer (to name a few) began showing their bright young faces on the program years ago only to ascend the ranks through their determination, grit, and chutzpah. On April 15, two of CWFH’s current bright young stars lock horns in an athletic contest that will send a message to the whole roster as Chris Bey steps into the ring against Adrian Quest. But what makes these men the ones to watch?

“The Best” Scorpio Sky with “The Next Best Thing” Chris Bey. (Photo by Devin Chen)

CWFH newcomer Chris Bey studies under the tree of Scorpio Sky – arguably the most athletic competitor in the United Wrestling Network. Sky’s athleticism has lead him to victories over the best in the world, evidenced by his fourth (and current) reign as United Television Champion. Sky is also a powerful striker, a tactic that Bey is smart to pick up if he wants to pick off his opponents in a timely fashion. If Scorpio Sky’s prowess is any indication of his protege’s skill set, Adrian Quest has his work cut out for him.

Adrian Quest lands a spin kick on Fidel Bravo (Photo by Devin Chen)

Quest on the other hand is no slouch himself. Fans will remember that before being unmasked, Adrian Quest spent the better part of two years wrestling as the luchador Astro Viajero. Wrestling a Lucha Libre style not only makes one quick and athletic, but also instills in its students ways to avoid crucial strikes. As effective as dives and arm drags can be, perhaps Adrian Quest’s most useful skill against Chris Bey will be knowing how and when to evade attacks. Learned from his time spent training and wrestling in Mexico, Quest’s evasive agility will both confuse and wear down any opponent he stands across from. If Chris Bey wants to call himself “The Next Best Thing,” he better not get frustrated by his opponent’s strategy, for Adrian Quest shines brightest when his opponent feels in the dark.

You won’t want to miss a second of action in this one, so make sure to be at the Oceanview Pavilion on April 15 to see it live!

Athletic: A CWFH Weekend Preview

By JT Ticonderoga
Greetings fans! Valentines Day may be over, but the sweet feelings keep moving with no heartbreak in sight. This week’s episode of Championship Wrestling From Hollywood is sure to make your heart go wild!
Opening the program this week is the PP3 Memorial Cup Semi-Final match that will determine who will face Royce Isaacs in the Finals of the PP3 Cup.  The “CEO of Suederade” Suede Thompson locks horns with fan favorite Julius Coleman in a contest sure to dazzle all viewers! Make sure to tune in on time, as you won’t want to miss a moment of this one!

Women’s wrestling returns to the program this week as Barbi Hayden debuts to go toe-to-toe with Shotzi Blackheart. These two women have proven themselves across the country and around the world, but under the bright lights of Hollywood things always get bumped up a notch. Will Blackheart put Barbi away or will Hayden send Shotzi howling?

In this week’s Main Event, Hollywood Heritage Champion Bad Dude Tito puts his title on the line against Jeff Cobb. The man known as “Mr. Athletic” was hand-picked by CWFH Minority Owner and Matchmaker Nikko Marquez to physically challenge Tito in a way he’s never been manhandled before. Cobb’s amateur background speaks for itself, having competed in the Olympics and grappled with some of the best in the world. Will Tito make Cobb’s shining achievements Fade to Black or will Cobb’s efforts spell a bad day for the Bad Dude? Tune in and find out on this week’s Championship Wrestling From Hollywood!

Nick Aldis Defends This Sunday

NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis

The Aldis Crusade – a series of title defenses over the next sixty days – begins this Sunday at Championship Wrestling From Hollywood’s Television Event. For NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis, this schedule of matches with the “Ten Pounds of Gold” on the line will be the defining factor in whether or not he will be talked about among the greats. For this reason, the Champion has set specific parameters for who is able to challenge him for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship.

The seal of the Aldis Crusade

“Every challenger must be a former World Champion or have beaten a World Champion,” says Aldis, dead-set on defeating the best of the best as the Crusade marches on. When asked what his reasoning is for demanding such a high caliber of opponents, the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion replied calmly, “Fortune favors the brave.” Listen here for Nick Aldis’ full official address, courtesy of the National Wrestling Alliance:

Be sure to be at the Oceanview Pavilion to see the start of the Aldis Crusade this Sunday!

Mask Versus Mask This Sunday

By Tina Albers
A rotund man named Howdy Price waddled his way into Championship Wrestling From Hollywood in 2017 with a goal in mind. With ideas as big as his appetite, Price hatched a plan to form a tag team to dominate CWFH. Greeting each team he scouted with a friendly, though alarming, “HOWDY,” Price set out to recruit two men who he could refer to as his “Rancheros.” He discovered two tall drinks of water in Raul and Rogelio – a pair of monster luchadors who Price has enlisted to do his bidding in exchange for his managerial services.
The Rancheros drill Tomaste with a Spike Piledriver. (Photo by Devin Chen)
In two shakes of a lamb’s tail, Howdy had found the targets to send his Rancheros after: the team of Espiritu and Astro Viajero, collectively known as Spirit and the Stars. This hugely popular tag team has delighted fans of the program for the better part of a year, dazzling viewers with acrobatic moves performed by enigmas in colorful masks. Howdy Price took exception to this. The Rancheros have haunted Spirit and the Stars since their arrival to the company; injuring Espiritu, inhibiting Astro Viajero from qualifying for the PP3 Cup Tournament, and (worst of all) stealing their masks. Howdy Price has set out to run these luchadors off for good and has formally challenged Spirit and the Stars to a “Mask vs. Mask” Tag Team match this Sunday with the stipulation that the losing team must unmask for good.
Astro Viajero and Espiritu soar out of the ring with dual Tope Suicida attacks. (Photo by Devin Chen)
This type of “Lucha de Apuesta” (“Wager Match”) carries the biggest stakes in lucha libre history. Bigger than a Championship match, putting your mask on the line means putting your whole identity and career under that name on the line as well. Many competitors in Mexico who have lost a “Máscara contra Máscara” (“Mask versus Mask”) have never been able to regain the success they enjoyed under their mask and had to leave wrestling permanently.
This is the most important match in the careers of these four men. With everything on the line, Raul, Rogelio, Espiritu, and Astro Viajero will stop at nothing to preserve their identities and tear away that of those standing across the ring from them. Howdy Price’s campaign against Spirit and the Stars will be settled this Sunday at the Oceanview Pavilion. Mask versus Mask. Be there!

Willie Mack Returns This Sunday

By Tina Albers
Oh my God! Here he is once again. Former United Wrestling Network Television Champion Willie Mack has come home to Championship Wrestling From Hollywood. It’s been a minute since Mack has stepped onto the Hollywood stage and several newcomers have jumped ahead in line to take his place. One wrestler in particular has stepped up with moves and charisma that give the juggalo from South Central, Los Angeles a run for his money.
“Uptown” Andy Brown (Photo by Devin Chen)
Enter: “Uptown” Andy Brown. Selected to be one of the eight competitors in the 2018 PP3 Memorial Cup Tournament, Brown has turned heads every time he’s stepped through the curtain at the Oceanview Pavilion. Though Mack may not have been in Hollywood in quite some time, he’s been a busy man; traveling internationally to take on the heaviest hitters Planet Earth has to offer. This first time ever matchup will be a success marker for both competitors. Brown has to prove that he’s worth his spot on the roster and Mack must show Matchmaker Nikko Marquez that he hasn’t missed a step in his time away if he ever wants to come back again.
Make sure to be at the Oceanview Pavilion this Sunday, February 11, to witness the return of The Mack!

Semi-Finals: A CWFH Weekend Preview

The weekend is a much-deserved break after a job well done during the week. It is a time to relax, catch your breath, and enjoy another captivating hour of Championship Wrestling From Hollywood. This week’s broadcast is loaded with your favorite stars doing what they do best. Speaking of “Best,” the United Television Champion Scorpio Sky will be in action against “Rocketboy” Dmarco Wilson. Can Wilson Kick Flip his way to a future shot at the Television Title or will this “Ace of the Half-Pipe” fall prey to the Ace of Spades?
Scorpio Sky keeping “Rocketboy” grounded. (Photo by Devin Chen)
It would be unwise to get on the bad side of a man like Bateman. Ever since being pinned at Milestone, the “Main Man” has had a chip on his shoulder. The individual who put that chip there is none other than “American Thunder” Dicky Mayer. While Dicky sees the victory as fair play, Bateman sees it as a personal attack on everything that the 2017 Red Carpet Rumble Winner has worked for. These two men square off on the program this week to see if they settle their differences in a matter of respect.
Bateman delivers a thunderous blow to Dicky Mayer. (Photo by Devin Chen)
In this episode’s Main Event, we’ll see a stellar semi-final match in the PP3 Cup Memorial Tournament. The man from the Mile High City, Royce Isaacs goes one-on-one with “Uptown” Andy Brown. This one is going to be hot, as its winner will advance to the PP3 Cup Finals! You do not want to miss out on this contest and more on this week’s Championship Wrestling From Hollywood!

Proving Ground: A CWFH Weekend Preview

It is a time of growth on Championship Wrestling From Hollywood. With every division reshaping to accommodate a more competitive climate across the United Wrestling Network, a breath of new competitors has come into Hollywood to shake things up with the young roster still vying for a shot at gold. This feeling is evidenced in a variety of ways on this week’s episode. The first form that it takes is in two opening round matches in the PP3 Cup Tournament. Royce Isaacs will take on Ricky Mandel in the first contest of the episode and Julius Coleman will step into the ring with Kevin Condron. Which two of these four men will advance to the semi-finals against the likes of Suede Thompson and Andy Brown? With the PP3 Cup hanging in the balance, expect these competitors to pull out all the stops en route to “Percy’s Privilege.”

Ricky Mandel lands a dropkick on Royce Isaacs. (Photo by Devin Chen)

Hollywood Heritage Champion Bad Dude Tito has faced some challenges in defending his title. While the Champion is chomping at the bit to demonstrate that he can beat anyone who stands across from him, CWFH Minority Owner Nikko Marquez has a few thoughts on Championship defenses. According to the Hollywood Heritage Champion contract that Nikko Marquez drew up himself, the Champion must be featured on the program, but it doesn’t have to be a title match. This week, you will see Bad Dude Tito in a non-title bout against a young man looking to prove himself, Karl Fredericks.

Dicky Mayer dives onto Watts and Ray Rosas. (Photo by Devin Chen)

In this episode’s Main Event, a new #1 Contender to Scorpio Sky’s United Television Championship will be determined in a Three-Way Dance! This unpredictable contest is sure to excite any viewer tuning in. It will be “American Thunder” Dicky Mayer versus Ray Rosas versus Watts going head-to-head-to-head! Will “American Thunder” crash into the Television Title picture? Will Watts’ opponents fall victim to the Murder Bomb? Will Ray Rosas say “Adios Amigos” to Mayer and Watts and “Hola” to Scorpio Sky? Tune in for this week’s Championship Wrestling From Hollywood!

Tim Storm Discusses His Future in the NWA

Former NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Tim Storm
Every night since December 9, 2017 has been filled with an internal debate for Tim Storm. That is because on that frigid night at CZW: Cage of Death, NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Tim Storm became the former Worlds Heavyweight Champion. On the road to his rematch with new Champion Nick Aldis, Tim Storm was forced into putting his shot at the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship on the line against Jocephus. Storm fought Jocephus in a grueling Empty Arena Match at the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida and when the dust settled Tim Storm was left laying without his title match to look forward to. So where does that leave the former Worlds Heavyweight Champion?
On Sunday, January 28, 2018, Tim Storm returned to Championship Wrestling From Hollywood to talk publicly about the internal struggle that has kept him up at night. Is it time to hang it up? See the full story here, courtesy of the National Wrestling Alliance:

Check back with for updates and news on Tim Storm, the NWA, and Championship Wrestling From Hollywood.