Howdy! A CWFH Weekend Preview

Women’s wrestling returns to the program this week as Mazerrati seeks retribution from Ray Lyn. Their match two weeks ago ended with Ray Lyn victorious under questionable circumstances and Mazerrati has not forgotten that. Will Mazerrati put her opponent away or will Ray Lyn live to twerk another day?
The Rancheros surround Astro Viajero (Photo by Devin Chen)
On this week’s episode we’ll hear from Howdy Price and his Rancheros. This team has been making a forceful impact in Hollywood in recent weeks and fans are clamoring to know more about them. What are Howdy Price’s plans for his Rancheros?
Ryan Taylor and Brian Cage size each other up (Photo by Devin Chen)
In the main event, Ryan Taylor takes on “The Machine” Brian Cage. Last week, Cage called out Taylor in search of some “real competition.” Does Brian Cage have Ryan Taylor’s number or has the man who eats twelve times per day bitten off more than he can chew? Find out on this week’s edition of Championship Wrestling From Hollywood!



One thought on “Howdy! A CWFH Weekend Preview

  1. One can only hope Tuff TV actually shows this episode. Cage looks like a real wrestler, and I am starting to like Ryan, so I’m curious how this match will fare.

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